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Charles Umbenhauer

—Life Member of A.B.A.T.E. of PA

—Life Member of the Harley Owners Group

—Life Member of the American Motorcyclist Association

—Charter Member of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation


January 1992: Charles was inducted into the Easyriders Hall of Fame.

1998: Charles was awarded the Ron Roloff Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists.

2002: Charles was presented with a special achievement award recognizing his extraordinary effort to improve funding for the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program. The award was presented by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Charles Umbenhauer

Dossier of Charles Umbenhauer
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Charles UmbenhauerCharles Umbenhauer, a motorcycle enthusiast for more than 40 years, spends most of his time working on legislative issues which affect Pennsylvania motorcyclists.

In 1986, Charles co-founded BikePAC, a political action committee for motorcyclists, and continues to be active in its administration. The PAC has become a model for other state motorcyclists organizations, many of which have formed their own PACs.

Charles UmbenhauerPresently, Charles is the lobbyist for A.B.A.T.E. of Pennsylvania, a position he has held since October, 2000. Prior to his hiring as lobbyist, he was the state legislative coordinator for A.B.A.T.E. of Pennsylvania, a position he held nearly continuously for 14 years. Charles spends an enormous amount of his time meeting with legislators, attending legislative sessions, and lobbying at the state capitol.

Charles Umbenhauer Charles has influenced hundreds, perhaps thousands of motorcyclists to get involved in the political system, understand how government functions, and take the time to thoroughly and clearly express issues of importance to their elected and appointed officials. He was instrumental in organizing the annual Motorcyclists Rights Rally held every May at the state capitol, and has sacrificed enormous amounts of time, energy and resources in the pursuit of freedom of choice for adult motorcyclists.

In 2015 Rob Dingman, AMA President/CEO, presented the AMA Dud Perkins Lifetime Achievement Award to Charles Umbenhauer.

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"It was never about the helmet, it was about CHOICE!"
—Charles Umbenhauer

Charles Umbenhauer
Charles Umbenhauer
BikePAC Chairman
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Charles Umbenhauer

2002: Charles was inducted into the Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame by the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Chrles receives first-ever Motorcycling Advocate Award.

At the ABATE of PA 2004 Leadership & Legislative Seminar, Charles received the first-ever Motorcycling Advocate Award presented by the American Motorcyclist Association.

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