Who receives BikePAC funds?

BikePAC has contributed to candidates running for office in the State Senate and the House of Representatives (the General Assembly of Pennsylvania). BikePAC also contributed to the gubernatorial election. BikePAC does not contribute to candidates for office at the federal or local government levels because of limits on the organizations resources.

Since its inception in 1986, BikePAC has contributed over $500,000 to candidates for the Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representatives. When compared to the PACs who often oppose our legislative agendas, this is a relatively small amount of money. The donations provided by BikePAC do not carry the same weight as those of more affluent PACs; however, over the years BikePAC contributions have enabled bikers to be recognized as a political force in Harrisburg. The recipients have recognized our appreciation for their work on behalf of Pennsylvania motorcyclists.