Why support BikePAC?

1. When money talks, politicians listen. PAC money is honest money, reported and on the record and those records are available for anyone to look at.

2. Working together, we have more impact than all of us working separately. The money we give is pooled so it has more impact.

3. Unlike most of us who only pay attention to politics during the election campaigns, the PAC is eternally vigilant. It keeps an eye on elected officials and issues all year around.

4. The PAC allows us to hold elected officials accountable. If they don’t support us, we won’t support them. We might support their opponent.

5. PAC contributions give candidates a clear idea of where you stand on an issue. The PAC money represents a specific interest, not just an individual. That interest—rather its PAC—has carefully considered which candidates to support. That interest group is permanent. It was here last year, it will be here next year. As will the possibility of support or opposition.

6. The PAC expands your influence beyond your own political district. The PAC looks around the whole state and applies your money where it will do the most good.

7. The PAC makes a carefully studied, well-informed decision on who to support. Many things go on in the legislature that people outside the process don’t know about. The PAC supports or opposes candidates based on inside knowledge of what really happened to your issues.