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House Bill 1060 Update

Harrisburg, Thursday November 21, 2013 - The House of Representatives today concurred with Senate Amendment to House Bill 1060, the vertical motorcycle license plate bill. Interestingly, the 2.5 billion dollar transportation bill was the amendment to HB 1060. read more...


Meeting of the Minds 2013

By Dana Coyle
Assistant MRF Rep

I attended the Meeting of the Minds in Columbus Ohio on September 26-29.It was very informative and I met a lot of great people from all over the country. It is a lot like our Leadership and Legislative Seminar in Harrisburg. Thursday night we had a general session in the ball room and about 10 minutes before it started I was elected to give the update for ABATE of PA. No problem, I thought!! Well as all of the other states got up to talk, I realized that I had to get up in front of the room with 400 people I do not know staring at me and talk with a microphone and a timer! We only had 3 minutes each! I believe I did well, got our information out there and did not fall on my face. First impressions!!! LOL What I did notice as all of the others states were announcing what was going on “back home”, was that ABATE of PA is leaps and bounds ahead of a lot of states as far as legislation! There are states still trying to fight the height of handlebars and many other issues that we have had passed years ago. I felt very proud of that. read more...


ABATE of PA Flight 93 Ride

By Stan Oakes

Sunday September 8, 2013 ABATE of PA held their annual Flight 93 Memorial Ride from Highland Harley-Davidson in Somerset, PA to the crash site near Shanksville, PA. Each year ABATE honors the heroism of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93.


Lobby Days II 2013

By Stan Oakes

Monday, September 23, 2013 we as ABATE of PA felt that a second lobby day was needed to stop Dan Frankel’s Resolution, asking for a new ten year study on motorcycle accidents and fatalities. We asked for your help, knowing that it would require some to take off work, others retired, to jump on their bikes or in their cars, spending your own money on gas that you might have needed for other things. To be honest we really were not sure who would even show up.

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