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By Charles C. Umbenhauer
Harrisburg, PA September 24 – The trek from Harrisburg to Battlefield Harley Davidson in Gettysburg was once again led by the God Bless America Motorcycle Color Guard. State Representatives Brian Barbin and Dan Moul were this years appointed ride marshals. read more...


Meeting of the Minds 2016

By Andy Kelly, MRF Rep
This year, the Meeting on the Minds (MOTM) was held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, from Thursday September 22 through Saturday September 24. Mark “Radar” Mitchell, Bert, and I arrived earlier so I could attend both the committee and the board meetings. read more...


PMSP-Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks – (At the Advanced Course)

By Stan Oakes

A good friend, ABATE of PA member, and MSP Riding Instructor Pat Bywater and I talked a lot about the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (MSP). Pat told me if you have enough members from a club or group you can have a private class, as the MSP schedule permits. read more...


MRF October Update

By Andy Kelly
Recently, Megan Ekstrom, Vice President, Government Affairs & Public Relations for the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), was informed that the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) published information and research concerning helmet laws and appears to be pushing states to consider these laws in the 2017-2018 legislation sessions. The NCSL is almost like an association of state lawmakers. read more...


MRF September Update

By Andy Kelly
Right after the Grand Board Meeting, which will be held on September 17 this year, Mark “Radar” Mitchell, Bert, and I will be heading out to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to attend the 32nd annual “Meeting of the Minds.” The best way to describe “Meeting of the Minds” to someone that has never been to one is that it is much like a national legislation and leadership seminar. read more...


PA Motorcycle Safety Program: Properly Securing Cargo

Properly Securing Cargo
Hector Eide
Commercial drivers are familiar with the term “properly secured load”, in fact, their livelihood depends on getting their cargo safely from one destination to another—it’s something that is second nature to many who haul loads around the state and country. Commercial truck drivers who drive trucks and trailers haul thousands of pounds of cargo are specifically trained how to properly secure cargo and ensure it does not shift during movement and to prevent the truck from tipping over due to poorly distributed weight. read more...


MRF August Update

By Andy Kelly
At the end of June I received an E mail from the MRF titled “The connected motorcycle and its place in future technology,” which I would like to share with you. read more...


2016 Senator Clarence Bell Scholarship Winner Announced

Why ABATE of PA?
Do you act as the entitled or the empowered?
By Kate Hughes, Highlanders Chapter

In this society that I am growing up in, I am astonished at the lack of passion, pride and esteem that most have. This age of social global media has changed us all and sometimes not for the better. I see people changing their profile picture or hitting a ‘Like’ button for cause as if that alone is going to make some sort of difference in this world. read more...



By Andy Kelly

On May 12 the MRF held their 8th annual “Biker in the Beltway.” Over 100 concerned motorcyclists, from 24 states, came to Washington D.C., to lobby their Congressmen and Senator about Motorcycle issues. Seven concerned Members of ABATE of PA rode into Washington D.C. to lobby their elected officials. Lenny Young, Stanley Oakes, Frank Carbone, Steve Zurl, Corey Harris, Mary Dixon, and myself were there to try to see or touch base with all Pennsylvania’s elected officials. read more...


Bikers Rally in Support of Daniels Law

Harrisburg, PA - The annual Motorcyclists Rights Rally which marks the opening of the riding season and the presentation of a proclamation declaring May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month signed by Governor Tom Wolf was opened by Dave Evans, State Coordinator of ABATE, who welcomed everyone to Harrisburg. read more...

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