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By Andy Kelly

I would like to start off by reminding everyone about the 31st annual “Meeting of the Minds” being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 24-27, 2015. Come out to the meeting and give yourself an extra day to check out the Harley Davidson Museum.

The EPA held another field hearing in Kansas City, Kansas on raising the ethanol in gasoline. Kansas City is right in the middle of corn country and maybe that is what the EPA had in mind when the meeting was set up. The corn growers that showed up were in favor of raising the percentage of ethanol in gasoline. Go figure. Everyone else in attendance was against it.

I am trying to get important information out to everyone in the Commonwealth about what is happening in Washington D.C. If you would like to receive e mail blasts from me, please let me know by contacting me at and I will add you to my mailings.

I still believe it is important that someone in each chapter step up and help make sure the time sensitive information is passed on to all of the members of their chapter. If there is a “call to action” on the state or federal level we need to be ready to respond. We have to be vigilant and be ready to defeat any and all threats to our freedom.

The field for the candidates running for the office of President is getting crowded especially on the Republican side. One of the candidates is the Governor of Louisiana Piyush “Bobby” Jindal. He was elected to Congress in 2004, then ran for Governor and lost. Then in 2007 he ran again for Governor and made a promise to ABATE of Louisiana that if they got a bill to repeal the states helmet law through the state house and Senate he would sign it. ABATE of Louisiana got the bill to the Governors’ desk and he refused to sign.

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