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Plan for the Future

It might be the holiday season and the end of another year but that’s the perfect time to think about the future and plan for it. This is also the time of year that your aunts and uncles, grandparents and other relatives that are slipping you $20 and $50 and telling you to get something nice for yourself. Then let’s not forget those big end of year bonus that you have waited all year for.
It’s the perfect time to think about making that contribution to BikePAC that you have been putting off all year. Well, times up and we need some cold hard cash in order to get ready for the Primary and General Election in 2010.
Those candidates hold your future in their hands. The only way we can influence what happens is to make sure we have the cash to financially support those candidates that are supportive of our legislative agenda. Let too many of the wrong guys and gals in and we could find ourselves strapping on helmets again. Now there’s a Christmas present I wouldn’t look forward to.
So how about it? A New Years resolution or a Christmas gift, whatever you want to call it.

Click here to make your contributions online!

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