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By Bob Watkins, Hazen Committee Chairman
Hard to believe 40 years ago it all began, for me 22 years and no matter my purpose for being there partying or working the last 9 or so it has always been a BLAST! I’ve worn many hats at the party and have never had a bad weekend. Many express concerns about the weather but rain or shine it’s always a good time. We have to wonder if those who started it all thought we would be coming back 40 years later and making the party better and better each year.

This year promises to be another great one, plenty of ice cold refreshments that never stop flowing, fantastic bands with a few returning from past years and a few new ones trying their hand at entertaining the crowd. Maybe you come out for the bike games, the bike show or just to kick back relax and people watch. Whatever you decide it as always proves to be a memorable time.

Once again the Hazen committee has gone above and beyond to make it the best party possible. I want to THANK ALL of them personally. This being the organizations major fundraiser for the year we hope to see everyone turning out for the weekend. If you find yourself with some free time stop by the front gate or the back porch of the house to see if there are any openings for gate duty or roving security duty and pick-up $35 for your 4 hrs-SOBER PLEASE!

As in the past the party starts 12 noon Friday, usually the gate will open a little early to clear traffic from the front road. We ask that the unofficial Thursday night gate party be kept to a minimum if you find you cannot wait PLEASE keep the noise level down out of respect for the neighbors in the area.

THERE WILL BE NO WEDNESDAY NIGHT GATE PARTY! IF YOU SHOW UP YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE! NO ONE except set-up crew is allowed on the grounds. Also there is a list of set-up crew if you are not on that list DO NOT SHOW UP AND BE EXPECTED TO BE ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS! THIS INCLUDES EAGLES MEMBERS we have talked to the Eagles and they have confirmed the “EAGLES CARD” does not work for this week!

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