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MRF October Update

By Andy Kelly
My wife, Roberta (Bert) and I rode out to Sturgis this year. We really enjoyed the trip as we were able to take our time getting there and returning home. We took a lot of back roads enjoying the scenery along the way.

During our stay in Sturgis, we, along with Tom Detrick, attended the 34th Whitewood Social Hour hosted by ABATE of South Dakota. The Whitewood Social hour is always held during the week of the Sturgis Motorcycle rally. Any member of a state motorcycle rights organization or Motorcycle Riders Foundation is invited to attend.

Kirk “Hardtail” Willard was a speaker at this year’s event. He spoke about what was happening in Washington D.C. especially noting about autonomous vehicles and how the federal government has to catch up on defining the motorcycle. He even said, if you can believe it, that the federal government is thinking about a third classification for motorcycles calling them a “big motorcycle.” The one good thing we have found out is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) can separate the types and size of motorcycles involved in an accident by using the serial numbers provided by law enforcement.

Hardtail also spent a good portion of his time talking about motorcycle pofiling. He stressed the fact that everyone in the motorcycle community, the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, the Motorcycle Profiling Project, the Council of Clubs, and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, have to and are working together to promote awareness of motorcycle profiling by supporting House Resolution 318 and Senate Resolution 154.

Todd Riba, MRF Member Representative, and MRF Board Member, also spoke for a few minutes about the web site and how useful the program that is being used by the MRF makes it very easy to contact your federal Senator or Congressmen.

Get on your computer, tablet, smart phone or whatever you have.
Go to
Scroll down to and right click on “Stop Motorcycle Profiling” fill out and submit.
It TAKES less than a minute.
This will send a message to your United States Representative and United States Senators. It is secure, free and easy, and you are taking a stand.

A card, with all of the above information on motorcycling profiling, was given to all chapters that attended the Grand Board Meeting.

We need you to get involved, by joining the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) if you are currently not a member, and join the fight for your freedom. If you don’t have a computer or cannot use one, ask someone in your chapter to help you, or to let you on their computer to fill out and submit.

In mid-August we found out that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) selected the 10 individuals to serve a two year term on the Motorcycle Advisory Council (MAC). The FHWA felt the Motorcycle Advisory Council only needed ONE motorcyclist and we fought to get more qualified motorcyclists on the council but in the end the FHWA gave us the salute and only selected Michael Sayre from the American Motorcycle Association.

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