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The Fourth Annual Fall Fling

By Sonnie Mauk

The Fourth Annual Fall Fling has come and gone and marks the end of summer as this was the last A.B.A.T.E. of PA party for the year. This was my first year attending the Fall Fling and I plan to go back again. Brian and I rolled in Thursday evening and found a good spot to set up camp and wait for the others to arrive on Friday. The rain and freezing cold temperatures didnít stop the nearly 175 attendees from ďPartying on the Susquehanny.Ē The event raised about $2000 to put in the state treasury so that will help out. This very laid back weekend included camping, rides, shivering, bands, brotherhood, bike games, a horseshoe tournament, campfires, laughter, more shivering, vendors, food, comradery, even more shivering, drinks and so much more.

Mother Nature sure wasnít too nice with the cold and rain she gave us. I canít remember when I camped in such cold weather last, not even when Freedom Weekend was held early in the month of May. The temperature dropped down to just around 40 degrees, each night, and it rained on and off until Saturday morning. People could be found sitting around their camp fires, trying to keep warm, while others hung out, where there was HEAT, inside the Curwensville Moose! I met so many new people and created so many memories, as I bounced around between the different camp fires and the Moose, trying to warm my buns. Now letís hope I can remember all of them. If you know me, you know thatís not going to happen, but I will try my hardest to remember all of those I met.

I want to send out a big thank you to the committee for the countless hours they put in to make the fourth annual Fall Fling a success. A special thanks goes to Buckethead and Slick for showing us around their neck of the woods with rides to Bilgerís Rocks and Elk Country Visitor Center. The scenery and attractions were second to none. Kudos to Kevin Snyder for his rendition of Bike Games, Saturday afternoon, after the Bike (Shoe) Show ended. Thank you to Diane Evans, and the gate crew, for braving the cold and rain to greet everyone as they rolled in. The event was well done and if you havenít made it to Fall Fling, this is definitely an event to attend, so add it to your calendar for next year.
Congratulations to the 2017 Fall Fling Bike Show winners:
American Dresser Tobey Wingard Chinklacamoose
Foreign Dresser Russ Michaels Lawrence County
Foreign Stock Linda Wachter Lawrence County
American Stock Rich Stiner
Modified Custom Joe Pauletich Lawrence County
Regular Custom Jeff Lanager Lawrence County
Trike Fred Kraft

First place in the Horseshoe Tournament went to the Keystone Chapter.
Lawrence County Chapter took the trophy, again, for the Best Chapter Represented.

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