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PMSP Signs New $31 Million Dollar Contract with Total Control of California

By Charles C. Umbenhauer
Here is the announcement that relates to the new contract for the PA Motorcycle Safety Program. While I had predicted for months now that Total Control would get awarded the contract, I did not suspect that they would get the largest contract of its kind at a cost of $31 million that will be paid by motorcyclists surcharges on learners permits and licenses.

The announcement that was on facebook from Lee Parks, Total Control stated:
“I am thrilled to announce that Total Control Training Inc. has been awarded the PA Motorcycle Safety Program contract for 2018. The five year, $31 million program management contract is the largest of its kind in the nation. All of us at Total Control are both humbled and excited about the opportunity to add PA to our CA military and civilian training portfolio. We have been amazed at the quality and attitude of the PA training community and look forward to working with them as we transition the state to our Total Control curricula for beginner, intermediate, advanced 3 wheel and more.”

In 2015 ABATE of PA entered into a contract with Excellence Resources Inc to do a position paper entitled “IS THE PA MOTORCYCLE SAFETY PROGRAM IN TROUBLE?” We were very dissatisfied with the services of the last contractor Cape Fox Professional Services. That report was brought to a conclusion in April 2015 and the finished product was distributed to the Secretary of Transportation and legislative members in both the House and Senate Transportation Committees. Unfortunately while the report was excellent in pointing out many of the shortcomings of the Fox program, PennDOT did nothing to correct the situation.

This past September I reached out to Rochelle Harter who was overseeing the PMSP and asked for a one on one meeting with her to discuss the program and she had agreed to that meeting. However, when I got to PennDOT she was nowhere to be found and I was directed to several other representatives of PennDOT who listened to my concerns and complaints but had no response.

Later in September ABATE was scheduled to meet with PennDOT for the semi annual discussions concerning motorcycle safety and other issues. That meeting was cancelled and nothing has been scheduled since.
In the meantime, I asked Senator Rafferty’s staff to look into the PMSP. There was a meeting between PennDOT, the PMSP and Rafferty’s office where there was some progress made. Shortly after that meeting Hector Eide who was the PMSP state coordinator disappeared from the scene, dismissed I suspect. That was followed by John Zimmerman of PennDOT resigning his position. That was unfortunate because John was about the only voice of reason on the PennDOT side of these issues. So that probably explains his departure.

I am not sure if there will be any more meetings between ABATE of PA and PennDOT but I have removed myself from participating in any further meetings. If ABATE of PA chooses to continue meeting they are certainly welcome to do so and the State Legislative Coordinator John Kruger will take up those responsibilities.

In the meantime I will continue with my efforts to bring more accountability and transparency to the program. I am sure there will be more discussion on this issue at the January board meeting. Stay tuned.

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