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Lobby Day 2018

by Scott Crum
On Tuesday, September 25 a group of State Officers and District Six Representatives made their way to our state Capitol. Since we only had to visit the Senate, this year, we didn't need as many people, as in the past, so Charles put a call for action out for a few State Officers and District Six Reps to help with Lobby Day. Sonnie Mauk, Brian Magness, Steen Peterson, Scott Christopher, Rooster Davey, Gary Bracken, Tom Detrick, Adam Gill and myself, as well as a couple Blue Knight members, all answered Charles’ call. Like most September days, it was raining and parking wasn't the best, especially if your truck was ‘taller than the garage’. All of us gathered in Representative Bill Kortz's office at 9:30 a.m. Charles briefed us on why we were there and what our goals were for this Lobby Day. He had packets, he went over, with the information on what we were addressing and handing out to all 50 senators. The bills we addressed were:

HB 74—Adding Motorcycles to the PA Lemon Law.
HB 831—Organized motorcycle processions. This bill has an amendment added by a Senator that will be a great burden to us and our charities. If this amendment is not removed we will need to ask for NO vote. Charles sent a member of the Blue Knight's and Tom Detrick to visit the Senator we think added that amendment.

HB 1239—Increasing penalties for driving without proper endorsement. (This was removed from the table October 3)

Charles divided us into groups and assigned each group to five or six Senators. Once our briefing was over, we posed for a group picture, grabbed some cookies, and our folders, and off we went. I'm from Maryland so this was my first visit to the Capitol. Charles teamed me up with Scott Christopher. Scott and I had five Senators to. The first two offices Scott did the speaking as I listened and learned. Then the rest we presented together. The secretaries, in the offices, seemed very attentive to the information, agreed to pass on the folder of information to the Senator.

The process lasted about an hour. It took longer to navigate our way to Representative Kortz’s office than it did to visit the Senators we were assigned. I was really impressed and I want to thank everyone that answered Charles’ call for action. A.B.A.T.E. of PA is a great organization and has really impressed me in my short three years as a member. Thank you, Charles, for giving me this opportunity.

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