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MRF December 2018 Update

By Andy Kelly
If you have been reading my monthly articles, then you should know that everyone who rides a motorcycle, not just in Pennsylvania, but in the whole country, should be doing something about E-15. Just in case you are unaware as to what E-15 is, it is gasoline that contains 15% Ethanol. There is no motorcycle manufactured and sold in this country that can safely run on E-15. This would also kiss your warranty away. If you were to put any fuel above E-10 in the tank of your motorcycle you will be breaking the law the EPA has written, but I know how many of you feel about the EPA but never the less it is a law and it will screw up the fuel system and engine on your motorcycle.

Our President granted the EPA authority to lift restriction on higher blend of ethanol E-15 just ahead of a visit to Iowa. By lifting the restriction, the EPA will start seeking comment on the new regulation. The EPA feels this will all be done just in time for riding, boating, mowing and most any outdoor activities that use small engines.

What we need to do is to contact our Newly elected Congressmen and ask them to reintroduce HR 5855 “The Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act” and contact our two Senators in Washington D.C. to introduce the same thing in the Senate.

The Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act would:

Revise the labeling requirements for fuel pumps that dispense E15
Solicit input and requirements for these revised labels from industries that manufacture vehicles, engines, and equipment prohibited from using E15, including boats, lawnmowers, chainsaws, motorcycles, and snowmobiles
Include the word “WARNING” on the labels, which shall be no smaller than 5 by 7 inches
Include pictograms on the labels that depict specific products that are prohibited from using E15 including a boat, lawnmower, chainsaw, motorcycle, and snowmobile
Include other indicators on the labels developed by the Administrator in consultation with the American National Standards Institute
Focus group test these labels to ensure their effectiveness
Develop and commence a public education campaign, in consultation with the affected industries, that provides adequate awareness of the risks associated with E15 and the vehicles, engines, and equipment prohibited from using E15
Include outreach to consumers at the point of sale, prior to dispensing, in the public education campaign

Submit a report to Congress no later than one year after the date of enactment of this Act, regarding public education efforts and including data and metrics on consumer awareness of appropriate uses of E15.

This is an issue that affects almost everyone whether you use a lawnmower, snowblower, boat, or anything else with a small air-cooled motor. You should be upset with this and be willing to contact your federal legislator about stopping it.

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