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MRF August 2019 Update

By Andy Kelly, MRF Rep

At the time I am writing this we have two Representatives that have co-signed House Resolution 522 (Anti-Profiling). Congressman Scott Perry has joined Congressman Glenn Thompson and 50 other cosponsors. I would like to thank everyone who contacted Congressman Perry’s office asking him to sign onto HR 522. We still have 16 other U.S. Representatives in Pennsylvania to try to become cosponsors.

Everyone in the Washington D.C. MRF office is very busy and sometimes asked to do many jobs. This is why I am asking you to please contact me if you have any issues or needs. My contact information is hd1957flh@yahoo .com and my cell phone number is 215-816-4182.
Membership is another way you can support the MRF. Your membership helps keep the Washington D.C. office running and keeps our people at Capitol Hill fighting for your rights and freedoms so you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle you have.

This year the Meeting of the Minds is being held in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is a week earlier than normal because of scheduling issues but the Meeting of the Minds is always in late September which is great riding weather. If you have never been to the Meeting of the Minds you should think about attending.

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