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MRF October 2019 Update

By Andy Kelly
One Evening, I had the great fortune of sitting at a table with hard working people from ABATE of Pa. In attendance were present and former Chapter Coordinators and Chapter legislative Coordinators. These people had many years of involvement with the Motorcycle Rights Movement in Pennsylvania. We were talking about who was involved with Motorcycle rights and of course the color of our hair or for one or two the lack of. We all agreed that the Motorcycle Rights movement needs younger and fresh blood. The one thing we all have to do is to help recruit new members in both Abate of Pa and the MRF.

Next time you are out riding motorcycles with your friends think about if they are members of ABATE or the MRF, if they are not and you are, then they are riding on your dime, and your time that you have spent defending motorcyclists rights and contacting your State or Federal representative about motorcycle issues. Take the time to explain what you and others in your chapter are doing to maintain their freedom and ask them to become members of ABATE and the MRF.

With Christmas just around the corner, why not think about giving a membership to the MRF to your riding buddies, friends and family members. It would make a great gift that will help maintain both theirs and your freedom.

There is something that I need help with from everyone, especially all of the Chapter Legislative Coordinators. I need to know who is your member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Many Chapters may have more than one because their chapter may cross district lines but it is important that I know which Federal Representative is with what chapter and which district to contact members of a chapter to contact their specific Representative. For example, William “Rocky” Fox contacted me and asked me to have concerned motorcyclists that live in Representative Scott Perry’s district contact Representative Perry’s office and ask him to become a co-sponsor. I, in turn, contacted Matt Von Sas, the Legislative Coordinator from Mason Dixon Chapter, and he sent out a call to action to everyone that lived in Representatives district, to contact his office. Within a very short time Representative Perry became a Co-sponsor of House Resolution 255, the anti-motorcycle profiling resolution. Rocky has just recently contacted me again to contact motorcyclists that live in Congresswoman Dean (PA-4), Congressman Joyce (PA-13) to ask them to become a Co-Sponsor of H. Res 255 because Rocky has been visiting their offices and feels they may become a Co-Sponsor.

We will be having so many battles coming up in the near future like E15 or E20, autonomous vehicles, highway construction, and the Motorcycle Advisory Council, and by knowing which Chapter is represented by which member of the House of Representative, could make a huge difference in keeping our freedom.

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