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By Andy Kelly
I hope everyone reading this realizes and agrees that YOU are the motorcyclists’ first line of defense. Your participation, membership and other means of financial support are what give the MRF and Abate the ammunition they need to help keep our freedom. In these COVID days, everyone is having a tough time and that is all the more reason to step up and help defend our freedom as motorcyclists in both Harrisburg and Washington DC. Understand that the government Safetycrats who want to save us from ourselves and protect us from the freedoms we now enjoy realize that this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Without your membership and support, we will not be able to keep a presence in Washington protect our freedoms.

To just sit back, bury your head in the sand and figure the other guy will take care of it would be a mistake. Without everyone getting involved by becoming a member or renewing your membership, without asking other riders you meet to get involved you could lose a lot of your freedom.

At the federal level, without the MRF you would never know what amendments are being added to bills to take your freedom away. And if you don’t know what you are losing till it is gone, by that time it will be too late. Just recently, for states to get federal funds for safety programs, the words “mandatory helmet” were used in legislation, presenting another hurl for the states to get over. It is just as important to have someone in Washington DC as it is in Harrisburg. Your membership in the Motorcycle Riders Foundation is very important and a great way of giving our Freedom Fighters in DC the ammunition they need to continue to defend our rights and freedoms.

I am very happy and proud to see that Charles Umbenhauer will be inducted into the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame this year at the Meeting of the Minds in Indianapolis, Indiana. This recognition is long overdue for both Charles and Slider Gilmore.

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