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Governor Wolf signed 26 bills into law the end of October

Governor Tom Wolf signed into law 26 of the bills the Pennsylvania General Assembly sent to him during the flurry of legislative activity – the last full week of voting session before the November 3 General Election.

House Bill 885 requires one hundred percent security from a contractor prior to the awarding of a contract for the construction, reconstruction, alteration or repair of any public building or other public work or public improvement where the contract exceeds $10,000.

House Bill 1033 prohibits any person or revaluation company personnel from performing valuation of real property unless they hold valid certification from the State Board of Certified Real Estate Appraisers as a Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator.

House Bill 1838 looks to improve the affordability and accessibility of emergency medical services training in rural areas

House Bill 2561 updates the definitions for “examination and diagnosis” and “practice of optometry,” as well as expands the definition of “examination and diagnosis” to include the use of topical and oral pharmaceutical agents approved by the State Board of Optometry.

Senate Bill 273 removes the 25 percent limitation on funds for federally qualified health centers distributed in accordance with the Community-Based Health Care Act.

Senate Bill 940 provides for filing and recording by municipalities of condemnation orders and for statements of vacated condemnation orders.

Senate Bill 952 updates definitions and requirements and provides a hiring preference for qualified veterans seeking public employment in seeking public employment in classified and unclassified services.

Senate Bill 995 allows a multiple purpose agriculture vehicle to be up to 66 inches wide for the purpose of limited movement on roadways.

Sixteen of those 26 bills (Senate Bills 1076 and 1281, and House Bills 81, 86, 375, 440, 703, 716, 1032, 1439, 1673, 1696, 1961, 2073, 2370 and 243cool.gif were approved by legislators on the last voting session day.

And one of the bills signed by Wolf on Thursday was not part of the frenetic legislative voting action of last week: House Bill 1984 received final approval from the General Assembly back on Oct. 5, but didn’t get signed by both chambers – which officially transmits the bill to the governor – until last week. The bill, now Act 95 of 2020, allows victims of rape and incest to terminate the parental rights of the rapist without first identifying another individual who has a present intent to adopt the child.

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