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PAMSP Oversight Committee Update

“Impartial oversight to attain the best Motorcycle Safety Program for Pennsylvanians.”
By Angel Maniscalco

Happy New Year! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Holidays as best you could, under the unusual circumstances. The good news is that 2020 is FINALLY behind us! Hopefully, 2021 will be a healthy, prosperous new year, filled with joyful blessings for all!

For those who’ve ever dealt with PennDOT, you understand the “hurry up and wait” concept. At present, we are awaiting response to the Freedom Of Information Act requests we have sent to them. These will probably come back in bits and pieces, over an extended period of time, given the current staffing limitations. As they arrive, we will review and process information on both performance and expenditures into a baseline metric that will better equip us to provide more effective legislative oversight.

Meet the Committee; Lenny Young, in his own words;

Hi. I'm Lenny. I have been riding a motorcycle for 50 years and give a damn about motorcyclists' rights. My first bike was a brand new 1970 Honda CT-70H at the ripe young age of 13 years-old. Two years later, after burning-out the valves by running Amoco unleaded hi-test gas, I sold that and bought a new Kawasaki 125 "enduro" that I rode to work washing dishes at the Monroeville Pub (among MANY other places). Even though the bike was street-legal, I wasn't. My parents said it was OK as long as I didn't get caught. Thanks, Mom and Dad! My first Norton was a 1972 Combat Commando that I bought when I was 15.9 years old. After riding up and down our driveway for a month, I got my license on my 16th birthday and the fun began. That bike lasted a couple of years until the cylinder barrel developed a crack and I sold it in a basket. I bought my second Norton on January 17, 1977 on the coldest day of the decade. I am still riding this 1971 Commando Roadster 750 to this day. 1980 was the year I joined A.B.A.T.E. of PA, American Motorcyclist Association and the United States Norton Owners Association. In 1982, after marrying my first wife, I was told, "The motorcycle has to go", to which I replied, "The motorcycle stays. You do what you want." Later that summer, I convinced her to give it a try. She did and ended up bugging me to take her out for a ride. 1986, I successfully passed my first MRC (still have the completion card). The Instructor was pleased with my abilities and advised me to become an Instructor. With two young sons and a full time job to support my family, it wasn't until 1990 that I signed up for Instructor Training. It was a grueling two weeks, but ask Joe Smith from the Mercer County Chapter about the fun we had. He was there too! Bobbie Carlson was our Chief Instructor and Dr. Alan Robinson was the PAMSP manager. Ah, the good 'ol days. With my family life crashing into disarray (she left, took the kids, I fought for custody and won), I had to take a hiatus from the Program in 1993. Then, in 1998, I started my landscaping business and things had "settled down". I became re-certified to teach the Program and did so for another 3 years. With business booming, I had to leave the Program as I just couldn't be in two places at once. I remained knowledgeable about the Program, taking the MRC in 1997, the ERC in 1999, MRC in 2002, BRC in 2007, and the BRC2 in 2015. I saw Cape Fox Professionals (not) run the Program into the ground from 2013-2017 (yes, even had a couple conversations with Hector Eide). When Total Control got the contract to run the PAMSP, I was quite skeptical at first. After a lengthy telephone conversation with Lee Parks (facilitated by Jay Jackson, A.B.A.T.E. of Indiana, the evening of the MRF's Bikers Inside The Beltway in 201cool.gif I learned that this guy is the real deal. He knows Jack Schit! Not wanting to talk about problems but finding the solutions, I began the certification process in January, 2019. After jumping through A LOT of hoops, I became a Certified Instructor on July 28 with the encouragement and help from Dave Mentzer at the Johnstown training range. I had never met Dave before, but just having another A.B.A.T.E. of PA member there was most reassuring. We have become good friends since then and I value his insight and wisdom as he does mine too. Why do I keep doing this? You old timers will remember the opening video of the old MSF Program, "The Joys of Motorcycling". I live it and I really enjoy sharing it with others by teaching them how to ride with maximum safety within their abilities. Just like we used to say, "The more you know, the better it gets." That says it all not just with motorcycling in particular, but life in general. See you on the backroads, Lenny.

All members are welcome to contact us at, with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Stay warm, Ride Safe out there & see you in the wind!

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