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MRF MARCH 2021 Update

By Andy Kelly
If you had the opportunity to read the article Hardtail wrote in January/February‘s American Bikers Journal, he talked about the current concern of the Federation of European Motorcyclist Association has: that the bureaucrats and regulators will try to include motorcycles in the emerging end of life directives. This means that at some pre-determined time, motorcycles and all parts used to repair and or rebuild motorcycles must be surrendered and destroyed. Will the deciding factor be age, mileage, inability to pass an emissions test, or inability to pass a safety test? We don't yet know. Regardless of the methodology, many people will face losing their old motorcycles.
You may think something like this could never happen in the United States,but let me remind you of the Cash For Clunkers program. Some people believe that the program was the beginning of these ideas. We have to keep our guards up to avoid something like this from sneaking into our country.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order banning all in-state sales of gasoline-fueled vehicles in California after the year 2035. The law does not specifically name motorcycles, but it does name off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles, etc. It also states that by 2045, all vehicles including trucks must be emissions free. Shortly after, General Motors set a target date for phasing out gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles from its showrooms globally. Don't forget, too, that General Motors is the largest manufacturer of vehicles in the United States.

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it would like to change the labels on fuel pumps. The proposed modification would remove the phrase "E15" from the label while keeping the language "contains up to 15% ethanol". It would also change the wording "use only in" to "safe for use in", and change language from "don’t use in" to "avoid use in". And, it would change the format of the prohibited words.

I would like to remind everyone about this year's Bikers in the Beltway. It's not too late to make a reservation at a nearby hotel (Governor House Inn, 703-532-8900 $89/night or Clarion Hotel, 703-532-9000 $125/night). We should make appointments with our congressmen and senators to voice our concerns. Don't worry about not being sharp on all of the issues because on May 17, the night before, there will be a pre-event briefing and on May 18 a group ride to the Capitol, time to meet with your representatives, and then a post-event debriefing.

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