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MRF FEBRUARY 2021 Update

By Andy Kelly
Bikers inside the beltway is planned for May 18, 2021 and being that there’s no big changes in our representatives from Pennsylvania in Washington DC in either a House or Senate everyone should be familiar with the representatives in Washington DC. So now would be a good time to make your reservations at the Governor's House or a Clarion Hotel in Falls Church Va. for a room if you wanted to stay in the D.C. area and also contact your Federal representative and make appointments with your Congressman and Both Senators to get their support on the following issues.

To keep on lobbying for the passage of a resolution or legislation that promotes awareness and prohibits Motorcycle Profiling and encourages collaboration and communication with the motorcycle community and law-enforcement to engage in efforts to stop Profiling of motorcyclists. Also urge state law enforcement officials to include statements condemning profile of motorcyclist and written policy training material

Renewable Fuels,
Support the availability of 10% or less Ethanol in all fuel stations. Promote additional research and independent studies concerning effect of higher Ethanol blend fuels on our motorcycles and all small engines. Also promote similar legislation to the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act of 2019 (HR 1024) that requires information provided to the public about the risks associated with using E15 or higher in certain vehicles engines and equipment like Motorcycles. Insure availability of separate pumps to minimize risk of damage from blending of fuels and support efforts to educate the public about the damage that can happen to certain kinds of engines (particularly Air cooled) and older automobiles

Autonomous Vehicles (AV)
Make sure motorcycles are part of all testing and development of AV to make sure that it will detect and properly react to motorcycles. Make sure that motorcycles are part of all development and testing. Request that representatives from the motorcycles community are at the table at all of the steps of development,safety evaluations and testing

Definition of a motorcycle
We need a clear cut definition of a motorcycle and make sure that these other things that claim to be motorcycles with closed cabs and steering wheels are not included in the crash and fatality statistics

We have to make sure that everything we fought for in the transportation bill last year is included in the new Transportation Bill like preserving the motorcycle education awareness program grant, preserving the ban on federal funding for motorcycle all the checkpoints, and the NHTSA lobbying ban and expand to other federal agencies, also, oppose any motorcycle related federal blackmail or federal sanctions, and lastly, ensure motorcycles are not banned for federally funded Highways

Please make plans to join us in Washington DC for Bikers in the Beltway on May 18, 2021

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