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HAZEN: Wet & Wild

In these uncertain economic times, bikers have found a way to still get a good deal for $30. For more than three decades bikers have traveled to a secluded spot in the woods somewhere in Jefferson County, PA for the A.B.A.T.E. of PA State Party. And party they did.
This year came close to being a record attendance, despite the threat of possibly bad weather. Did I say threat? Saturday the skies over Jefferson County opened up and let loose several inches of rain. Rain usually dampens the spirits of individuals and has ruined many a motorcycling event. Not the case at this party. When it rains, if you can’t do much else, you can still make mud. Now mud is not always a good thing but in this case the partiers were not going to be discouraged. The bike show went on as scheduled but the bike games had to be canceled but were replaced with people games. A tug of war, wheel barrel weinie bite, mud surfing and all in ankle deep mud. This party is billed as an old time biker party and that is exactly what it was! Although there were many newcomers they seemed quite content and at ease with the longtime attendees that faithfully pilgrimage to the Hazen party on a yearly basis.
As always the beer was cold, the bands played to the wee hours of the morning and vendor row had lots of good deals and sold just about everything and anything you could want. A.B.A.T.E. products sold out of mugs and a lot of other products.
Travis Maines from Gettysburg won the Raffle and opted to collect $10,000 cash. Patty Rehm sold the winning ticket and collected $1000 for her efforts. Thanks to everyone who helped sell the raffle tickets and thanks to all who purchased them too.
Sunday morning was a little difficult for some to navigate out of the fields but we had plenty of local help in pulling out vehicles that had become stuck in the mud.
It doesn’t always rain at Hazen, despite what some might tell you. But one thing for sure, if it does it in no way dampened the spirits of the hearty attendees that call Hazen home for one weekend a year.

See you next year.

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