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The Motorcycle Riders Foundation Needs Your Chapter’s Support

Being active in A.B.A.T.E. of PA is necessary in PA, but not sufficient to ensure you don’t lose the freedoms you’ve worked for! Why? Your lobbying efforts as an A.B.A.T.E. of PA member are limited to Pennsylvania. Your voice is necessary in DC at the federal level!
At the September Grand Board Meeting, your PA Representatives of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) will be attending to answer questions about the MRF, and to encourage A.B.A.T.E. of PA Chapter Presidents to participate as annual Sustaining Members. The goal is for 100% chapter participation in the MRF, and to present the 100% Challenge to all other State Motorcyclist Rights Organizations across the US!
The administration changes frequently in DC. Only through national organizations such as the MRF, can motorcyclists maintain a presence in DC, and most importantly, have influence!
Be a One-Hundred-Percenter! Make Pennsylvania the first state to be get 100% Chapter Involvement, and challenge the rest of the states to do the same! Together, our voice will be heard!

Chapter Presidents: Please discuss your chapter’s participation in the MRF, and encourage your chapter to become a Sustaining Member of the MRF. To ensure your Legislative Coordinators are kept up-to-date with the lobbying effort in DC, encourage them to become Individual Members.

About the Motorcycle Riders Foundation

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), incorporated in 1987, is a membership-based national motorcyclists’ rights organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. The MRF monitors and when necessary, sways federal legislation and regulatory action that pertains to street riders. The MRF concerns itself with what is going on in the arena of motorcycling safety education, training, licensing, and public awareness. The MRF provides members and state motorcyclists’ rights organizations with direction and information to protect motorcyclists’ rights and motorcycling. The MRF sponsors annual regional and national educational seminars for motorcyclists’ rights activists and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, The MRF Reports.
For more information on the MRF and Sustaining Membership, visit, or contact your PA MRF Representatives
Lynn Wesley – Lenny Young – Steve Zurl

What has the MRF done for me lately?

• Bikers Inside The Beltway, in Washington D.C. In May 2009, with a focus on securing Federal dollars for awareness, training, and education.
• Working on national alcohol awareness campaign to partner with SMRO’s.
• The MRF’s Research and Stats Committee is chaired by Dr. Thomas Wasileski, this committee continues to expose the myths behind the statistics that the safetycrats use against us.
• The MRF was able to get legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representative that addresses health insurance discrimination. Although it didn’t make it to the Senate for a vote, the MRF will try again next year.
• The MRF led the charge to secure 25 million dollars for states to spend on motorcycle training, education, awareness.
• The population is shifting to the Western and Southern United States. Along with the shift, the northern states will lose seats in Congress. The MRF has been working hard to gain influence and members in those areas.
• We have formed a separate 501c3 organization called MRF Awareness and Education (MRFAE). We seek grants and donations, and use those funds to help offset some of the MRF’s current costs that go toward Awareness & Education.
• We will continue to beat back any helmet mandate language at the Federal level.

What did the MRF do for me in the past?

1975 The MRF worked with grass-roots activists to stop a superbike ban.
1991 The MRF was instrumental in removing all references to “motorcycle” in outlaw
gang bill.
1995 The MRF and our SMRO partners helped repeal the federal helmet law blackmail against states.
1998 The MRF asked Congress to slap a lobby ban on the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. Now, NHTSA can’t use our tax dollars to lobby states to pass helmet laws.
2004 The MRF took on the EPA when that agency tried to kill the motorcycle custom market. The motorcycle is the only internal combustion engine to ever receive and EPA exemption.
2005 The MRF was the only motorcycle group to visit 99 U.S. Senate offices on the way to defeating Senator Lautenberg’s attempt at a national helmet law.
2006 The MRF was a key player in the creation of the National Motorcycle
Advisory Council.
2007 The MRF beat attempts from three Federal Agencies to take away our freedom of choice.
2008 We were invited to discuss our cause with the Republican National Committee and we continue to contact the Democratic National Committee in an effort to have a similar meeting.

What will the Motorcycle Riders Foundation do for me in the future?

The answer to that question is up to the street riders of this country to decide! Only through YOUR support can the MRF continue to have a lobbying presence in Washington, DC. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is your voice in DC and it has been for over 25 years, help keep it there for your own sake, freedom isn’t free. Total Vigilance!

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