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Between the Lines July 2019 issue

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When you read this, the Rights Rally and Hazen will be behind us. We’re counting the days until the Readshaw Ride.

The Operations Committee is working behind the scenes on its tasks. We’re not broadcasting our work nor are we hiding it. But it’s true that a committee functions best when left to do its job. What counts is results.

From my vantage point as the chair of that committee and as a former State Coordinator, I am reminded once again just how much work it takes to keep an organization such as A.B.A.T.E.  of PA functioning and afloat. At the State, District, and Chapter levels, there are so many people who do things that go beyond what anyone has a right to expect. They don’t do it for financial gain or personal glory. It happens because they believe in something and are willing to chip in and push the ball just a little closer to the goal.

Most of the folks who make these sacrifices aren’t looking to be thanked. They’ll be embarrassed if you try. But there is one thing that every one of them wants to hear. Next time you think of it and bump into one of your chapter officers or your district rep, say the words…”I’m glad you’re doing that. Is there anything I can do to help?” and watch magic happen.