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Between the Lines August 2021 Newsletter

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Salute to a Committee 

By the time you read this, Hazen 2021 will be in the books as a quite successful event. We did well financially, the products operation did well, and as far as I know, everyone survived. That last is not a typo. If there was anything that cast a little damper on the party it would be the number of times an ambulance came in and left the grounds.

I have been working Hazen for maybe twenty-five years now, and a number of them have been at the front gate where you see or are involved in a lot of the action. It is probably an unfortunate fact of life that as our crowd ages, the likelihood that any single attendee will require medical assistance goes up. It didn’t used to be that way.

For example, when I started working at the gate in 2002, there was no first aid staff on the grounds. Your options were the band-aids you had in your saddlebag, the ambulance, or nothing. The first “professional” medical help we had on site was Dorothy (Dotty) Williams, who married Reb Williams in the pavilion at Hazen in 2003. She and Reb camped at the gate also. When we found out she was an RN and always carried her bag with her, she became the informal Hazen first aid staff for stuff where a band-aid just wouldn’t do. There was nothing formal about it, nobody asked her, it just happened, and she stepped up to help people. Her contribution evolved into the first aid operation we have today, which has definitely saved lives and improved many outcomes.

I bring this up because I have had the privilege of observing, and occasionally being involved in, the Hazen Committee for many of those years. I have watched the event change over the years, and I have seen the Hazen Committee evolve with it.

I would like to take a moment to salute this year’s Hazen Committee. They hit it out of the park and deserve to be recognized for that. The amount of work they did before the event, the changes they made to the event to make it better, and their sheer dedication and energy for the entire Hazen weekend was a pleasure to be involved in, even indirectly. Thank you all!