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Between the Lines May 2019 issue

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 “Reaching Out”

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the importance of things. This time of year, we do two things that are damned important so I’ll leave a little reminder here in the hopes that it bugs you.

The first is done but the ultimate outcome is literally in your hands. We distributed 18,000 yard signs art the March Grand Board meeting. We’ve been doing the signs for maybe fourteen years now. It all started out when Mark Schultz our then Assistant State Coordinator came up with the idea. The first year we bought 1,000 blue and white yard signs out of the treasury. Since then, we have probably put out close to 150,000 signs.

What makes them important is the tiny piece of awareness that each one of those signs creates when a motorist sees one. That tiny bit of awareness is almost meaningless by itself. But multiply it times the hundreds or thousands of times each sign gets viewed and the sheer number of the things that we put out and you add up to a big heaping pile of awareness, one that gets built one little piece at a time.

In my heart, I know that there is a motorcyclist somewhere in Pennsylvania I’d like to meet but I will never have the honor. He or she is the one that didn’t get rammed by a left turn cage or didn’t get sideswiped off the road by a distracted driver. It didn’t happen because all those little pieces of awareness came together and changed someone’s behavior at a critical moment. They didn’t even know it happened and neither did the motorcyclist. But happen it did, and a motorcyclist didn’t die as a result.

And that is what makes the yard signs important. Taking them the last mile is the most important part of their lifecycle and they depend on you to get them out there. They may be a pain at times, but the next motorcyclist you wave your hand at when you’re riding might be the one who didn’t die.

The second important thing we do this time of year is the Rights Rally. The showing we make to the many legislators who show up is so important to keeping the freedoms that we worked so hard to achieve. I’ve said it many times before, that we are victims of our own success in Pennsylvania. We’ve raised an entire generation of motorcyclists who don’t really have anything to bitch about compared to most other states. But it won’t stay that way if we don’t take a moment to remind our legislator friends that we are out there and we still care.

See you on June 3, Fort Hunter Mansion parking lot, 10:30 AM sharp.