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Hello all, I want to start out this article by first thanking all the individuals, chapters and districts for doing your part to keep the state going financially by sending in donations. myself and the rest of the Executive board greatly appreciate very much all that you have done to get us through this very troubling year.

Each year the state board makes a donation to the Motorcycle Rights Foundation, well at the Grand Board meeting in September it was decided and voted on that we just couldn’t make that donation this year due to the financial hardship that our own organization is experiencing due to the COVID-19 virus. I told Andy Kelly our MRF representative that I would put a plea out to the membership to please if you are able to make a donation to MRF to please do so. You can send your donation to our State Treasurer Peggy Snyder and she will keep track and write one check to MRF on behalf of ABATE of PA. Something else you can do to help MRF is by becoming a member. You can visit the Motorcycle Rights Foundation website at and join online, remember the MRF represents our rights on the national level so we need to do what we can to support them.

Something else that came up at the Grand Board meeting was the annual Leadership and Legislative Seminar. Due to COVID-19 and the current capacity rules in effect by our Governor we have been forced to cancel the seminar in January due to the Red Lion hotel not being able to accommodate us. It was decided to move the annual Leadership and Legislative seminar out to May 2021 and have it in conjunction with the annual Motorcycle Rights Rally. Myself I think this a great idea, we will be able fill the Red Lion parking lot with motorcycles due to the weather being warm. Our plan is to have the L&L on Saturday and Sunday and the Rights Rally on Monday. Our Legislative Coordinator John Kruger is working on the date and details so stand by you will be hearing more as this unfolds. I know that having the L&L in January gives new chapter offices a chance to learn more about the position that they have been elected into and waiting until May doesn’t really help. What we are planning on doing in January is setting up a Saturday for those new officers to attend  a virtual workshops set-up by the Executive Board which will give them an opportunity to learn more about their new position that they were elected into If changing up events this coming year work out we will put it out to the membership and see it they want to continue it in the coming years.

This past year we have had to really think outside the box on a lot of things and let me say it has been challenging but we as an organization have been meeting those challenges head on and we are keeping this train running down the tracks. I want to announce that Bob Watkins our Hazen Committee Chairman has stepped down. Bob over the years has been very committed to this committee and has done one outstanding job and will be greatly missed, but with his commitments to his new business locations he is finding it hard to continue chairing the Hazen Committee. Bob plans to still be involved with the Hazen Committee in one way or another, just not as the chairman. As of right now a replacement for Bob hasn’t been picked but I am currently putting together a virtual meeting of the Hazen Committee and I will chair over this virtual meeting until I decide on a replacement, so the committee will begin the planning of the 2021 State Party lets make next year the biggest that we have ever had.

At the Grand Board Meeting we distributed Cash Raffle tickets to all chapters and we need everyone to step up and buy one or two raffle tickets.  At $5 a ticket, it will not break anyone but with 10,000 tickets to be sold it will greatly increase our state treasury.  Just do it! 

Well I believe that I have covered everything that I want to cover this month, with winter just around the corner I hope that everyone can get those last fall rides in and please be careful, I’ll be checking back with you next month.