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Welcome to the long winter nap we can look forward to riding in about 5 months if we are lucky. In this article, I want to talk about Operation Save A Life. At the beginning of November, I had the opportunity to attend an OSAL organizational meeting being held by the Jefferson County chapter and let me say I was very impressed with the outline of the OSAL program that they are planning on putting on within the schools in the Jefferson County area. That night after leaving this meeting I was on the phone with the State OSAL Director Bob LeGore to let him know how impressed I was with the Jefferson County chapter and the progress they were making in the implementation of the program. Myself I think this is one of the greatest programs that ABATE of PA has to teach young people about motorcycle safety. Over the course of this next year I would encourage each chapter to make it a priority to work toward getting the OSAL program up and running within their area, this is something I would love to see state wide.

Chapter and District elections are now over and the new officers will be assuming their elected positions in January. I want to congratulate the newly elected officers and say now the work begins. As new officer’s the best way to learn your position is to first attend the Leadership and Legislative Seminar in January. At the seminar, you will have a chance to hear from the State officers on the best ways to undertake your position over the course of this coming year. It will also give you the chance to network with others doing the same position from other chapters. If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, I encourage you to contact the State office and get it now because tickets are going fast.

Speaking of the L&L I believe you will be very impressed with this year’s L&L because John Kruger and the rest of the L&L committee have been hard at it putting together one of best agenda’s ever.  I am looking forward to seeing so many of you because you will have the opportunity to attend Assistant State Coordinator Kevin Snyder and I’s workshop because we will be holding it twice on Saturday morning, John and the crew also have some fun stuff set-up throughout the day on Saturday, so get your tickets now!

At our November Board meeting Peggy Snyder was officially appointed as the new State Treasurer, so please start sending all your Treasurer reports directly to Peggy. Between Peggy and Kevin, they are working on putting together an operational manual for the State Treasurer position, they are also working on making the reporting much easier to do. As in past articles I am once again putting a shout out to anyone that would be interested in taking over the State Treasurers position to please get in contact with myself or Kevin Snyder. Peggy has agreed to hold the position until someone steps forward to take it over if you are interested please seek one of us out at the L&L seminar.

Well I believe I have covered most of what I wanted to say this month, I look forward to seeing a lot of you at the seminar and I want to wish everyone along with your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year talk with you next month.