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Hazen this year turned out to be a mud fest due to all the rain we have been getting but all in all we pulled off a successful year. I have heard from many people about how much they liked us moving the stage to a different location along with the other changes that the Hazen committee put into place. I believe that we are moving in the right direction at improving are largest fundraiser of the year. I want to thank Bob Watkins and the rest of the Hazen committee for all their hard work, if it wasn’t for them Hazen would not be the party that it is.  I also want to send out a big thank you to District 2 Rep Scott Minich for all the hard work that he put in this year. If it wasn’t for Scott some of you would not have gotten in on Friday and out on Sunday due to Scott having his backhoe there to drag you in and out. As always, I want to thank Popcorn, John & Shari Kruger, Paul Hundertmark, Diane Evans and all the rest for the hours they spent at the front gate. 

Now for my disappointment, we put on a state raffle this year to help the state with finances. Every chapter had tickets to sale starting at the Grand Board meeting in September 2018. There was no reason why we couldn’t get them sold by Hazen. But come Hazen here we were sitting on 4800 tickets. My hats off to those chapters that went above and beyond to get their tickets sold along with requesting more. My hats off to the state officers, along with a couple of chapters that did their best to sale as many tickets as they could at Hazen so that the state could at least make a little profit on this year’s raffle. We as an organization need to do a lot better at supporting our state raffle which helps the whole organization financially.

Just an update on Legislative issues, on June 28th Governor Tom Wolf signed HB 384 which increases the fine for driving a vehicle without an appropriately classed operator license to $200. That means if you are operating a motorcycle you better have the M endorsement on your license or you will be paying a $200 fine.

Just a reminder to all State Officers and Chapters please do your best at getting you monthly articles into the state by the first week of each month. Popcorn needs these into the state on time so that she can complete the monthly newsletter and get it off to the printer.

And while I am asking members and officers to do their jobs, I want the treasurers and secretaries to complete their reports and get them sent in to Shari (treasurers) and Tracy (minutes).  It is very important that we keep these current so we are not spending hours trying to track them down.  Membership officers once you get memberships at your chapter meeting get them sent in within 10 days so we can see that members get their newsletters et. 

Well I believe I have covered everything I wanted to cover this month. Summer is in full swing and all of you are very busy holding chapter events so keep up the great work. If you need anything from the Executive Officers just send an email or give me a call.

Until next month be safe and I hope to talk to you soon.