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Well the snow is melting and riding season is just about upon us, I am asking everyone to please be careful out there until PennDot gets the roads cleared off from the winter grim because you don’t want to go down and be laid up the entire riding season.

I am happy to say that plans are really moving forward for the 2021 Hazen State Party. I want to also inform everyone, it was decided that the state would only be renting golf carts for security, first aid, and the State Treasurer. Back In 2019 it became to much on the Hazen Committee to pick-up and return the additional golf cart’s for those that were attending the party so I am sorry to say the state is out of the gold cart rental business. If you wish to rent a golf cart please contact Scott Minich Chairman of the Hazen committee and he can provide you with contact information of the rental company the state will be using to rent the state golf carts.  You and others can make arrangements as a group and rent your own golf cart and make arrangements of delivery and return of these carts, the state and the Hazen Committee is no longer doing this. 

I also want to discuss the State Raffle tickets and encourage all chapters to get these tickets sold. The tickets are easy to sale, my own chapter Jefferson County sold almost all of their 300 tickets in 1 month so I know that the tickets sell, so please get out and sell these tickets the state is counting on you.

As everyone is finishing up their chapter and district pool tournaments next is state tournament on April 24 at the Falls Creek FOE Eagles club. The State Tournament will be double elimination and will follow BCS rules. Due to COVID restrictions the Eagles will have seating both inside and outside of the building and they have assured me that drinking will be permitted at the outside seating. I look forward to seeing and talking to a lot of you there, I want to wish the shooters the best of luck in the state tournament.

At the time of this writing of this article the Grand Board meeting has not happened yet. In next months article I will report out to you on the vote on the lobbyist along with the progress of the motorcycle safety program. At the Grand Board meeting this year’s allotment of motorcycle yard signs will be distributed to the chapter Presidents. Please make sure to get these out in the month of April because May is Motorcycle Awareness month.

Well with things being slow I believe I am going to end this article here. Please be safe as you start to get those first rides on the season in and please watch out for the gravel because we want to see you out and riding this coming season and not laid up due to an accident, until next month take care.