Between the Lines November 2018 issue




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Hopefully everyone has read the voters’ guide that Charles worked hard at getting together for us.  This is the month that you get to act upon your rights to vote for those you want to see in office as your representative and who support motorcyclist rights.

As the year is winding down and my term is coming to an end, I am happy to see some others stepping up for the board positions that are open.  We won’t know everyone until the nominations have ended in October but we will receive the ballots for voting on at our chapter meetings in November and December and again, it’s your time to voice your vote on who you want to see in office as your board so be sure to get out to your meetings and vote! 

One other reminder is to plan to send your officers to the L&L being held in January, it’s important as a lot of information is provided especially regarding officer positions.  That’s all I have this month!