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Hello all, this month I wanted to take the time to thank all of you that step up and run for an office or volunteer to help at your chapter’s events and some of our state events.  Sometimes volunteerism is so thankless but yet we do it for the good causes we are proud of and don’t really expect any thanks, we just want to be successful.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the elections and welcoming some new faces as well as thanking those re-elected at our January Board Meeting.  Yes, you heard me say “looking forward to a Board Meeting”, quiet honestly they have been productive in line meetings this past year so here’s hoping that continues into next year. 

Going into the new year, I do want to remind you or inform you that when you are having an issue within your chapter, your first point of contact should be one of your district representatives.  Their jobs are outlined in our COPs and if they can’t assist or resolve the issue, then the next step is to contact me or our state office for further guidance.  I often receive phone messages and emails of situations and/or asking for guidance which I don’t mind giving however, I most always have to explain that the district representative needs to be involved and/or handle and most times it is days or a week later before I can respond due to my work schedule.  I don’t mind helping or providing guidance and input I just don’t like to keep folks waiting and then explain I can’t help and they need to contact someone else.  Just a friendly reminder. 

Hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday.