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Well here we are in the 3rd month of 2021 and not to far out of another riding season. I want to start this article by commending all the State Elected Officers along with all the State Appointed Officer for putting on a very successful virtual Leadership and Legislative seminar the weekend of January 30th and 31st. I hope that all that attended came out of the virtual workshops with the tools needed to be successful in your elected or appointed office. When I found out back last September that it was looking like that we were not going to have our annual Leadership and Legislative seminar this year due to COVID I knew we needed to come up with a way to ensure the success of those new officers coming onboard so I pitched the idea to the Executive Board to come up with a way to do a virtual seminar and they met the challenge. I want to thank Assistant State Coordinator Kevin Snyder, Mark Barr President of the Westmoreland Chapter and Dean Stephen State Communications Director for their technical work on making this happen and also for their hard work at bringing ABATE of PA into the technical age. Now that we are moving forward into this year lets look at trying to get back to normal and back to fighting for motorcycle rights. In the near future at your monthly chapter meeting you will be hearing that at the March Grand Board meeting your President will be voting on one of two possible Lobbyist that will be working with us through out my 2nd term as State Coordinator. As I told you in my last article, I had reached out to Charles Umbenhauer about coming out of retirement to take over as our lobbyist part time. Charles accepted my offer and sent me a proposal of $1500 per month which I presented at the January board meeting. The District Reps decided to have Charles work as the lobbyist from January thru March which would give them time to take it back to the chapters for discussion with final approval at the Grand Board in March. Since the January board meeting the lobbyist firm that we were using for the past year Wojdak and Associates has come to us with a counter proposal which they have dropped from $5200 per month down to $750 per month which would be possibly 6 months and then to $1500 per month after that. These are the two proposals that your Chapter President will be voting on in March, I ask you to please discuss these two proposals very carefully and direct your President in which lobbyist you wish for us to hire.

With Hazen fast approaching I have come up with an idea to produce extra income for the organization at the State Party. What my idea would be is to sale advertisement sponsorships which would give chapters, businesses, and civic clubs an opportunity to advertise on banners which would be hung in different locations at the state party. The first level would be a 3’ X 5’ banner at a cost of $250.00 which would be hung on the side of the reefer unit of the beer trailer facing the field. The 2nd level would be a 5’ X 5’ banner for $500.00 which would be hung on a banner wall which we will put up temporary on the right side of the stage at ground level. The last level would be a 5’ X 10’ banner for $1000 which would be hung on the stage right behind the bands. Diane Evans and I worked on the introduction letter along with the registration letter which will be sent to your Chapter President and District Reps to pass out to the membership to take out and solicit for sponsorships within your area, if we do this right it has a potential to produce extra money from these sponsorships at the state party for the organization.

I hope everyone is getting those chapter and district pool shoot offs completed and I really look forward to seeing a lot of you in April at the State Pool Tournament in Falls Creek, PA.

Well I do believe I covered everything that I wanted to cover so until next month think spring its not too far off take care.