Between the Lines July 2018 issue




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Hard to believe it’s middle of the summer already!  Other than the rainy ride to Freedom Weekend on Sunday afternoon, the annual Rights Rally was a great success.  There was a great turnout for the ride to the capital on Monday morning and we once again filled the rotunda.  Many thanks to all of those that took the day and decided to be part of an important presentation.  Celebrating 15 years of the freedom of choice this month is certainly something to be proud of and part of! 

Next event taking place was Hazen and at the time of this writing, it’s about a week and a half away.  As always we hope for nice weather but regardless, we’ll make it a good time for all! 

In closing, I want to continue to encourage any of you giving thought to running for an office either at the chapter, district or state levels, to do so.  Taking on the responsibility is rewarding and challenging but overall provides an opportunity for you to make a difference and provide guidance and support at all levels. 

Stay safe.