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Boy has things been moving along pretty good since taking over as State Coordinator. I have seen a lot of change over the past couple of months.

Our new Standing Committee has come out of the gate strong and is working hard at coming up with ways to ensure that the state office continues to run at top efficiency in the event that Popcorn and Charlies decide to retire. The committee has put out feelers in this last issue of Between the lines asking for input and ideas from the membership on which ways would be the best to proceed in the future regarding the operation of the State office. I have faith in Assistant State Coordinator Kevin Snyder and the committee that they will reshape the way business is conduct in the future regarding day-to-day operation of our organization.

At the Grand Board meeting it was decided to hold off on the vote of the new COP rewrite until the September Grand Board meeting due to the possibility of other changes to the COP’s in the months to come which I was in full agreement with.

Other things that are progressing are the changes to the Hazen State Party in June. The Hazen Committee is working hard at ensuring that the electric will be moved and the new location of the stage will be in the area that the bike games are held each year. They are also working hard at ensuring the new tap trailer will be up and running by June. I want to thank Bob Watkins and his whole crew on their hard work to ensure that this year’s State party is one of the best.

Also at the Grand Board meeting the newly formed Youth Committee met, and let me say they have come up with a lot of great ideas on how to attract and maintain younger members into our organization. I want to thank Eli Ruffing President of the Mon Valley Chapter for stepping up and chairing this committee. This committee will be doing a lot of work through email with each other and will meet face-to-face before each Grand Board meeting in March and September, if you would like to be a member of this committee please reach out to Eli at 

As everyone knows Freedom Weekend will not be taking place this year before the Rights Rally, be sure to check out the information in this issue of Between the Lines on the staging location for the Rights Rally for the ride into the capital. Myself I want to see a good turn-out for this year’s Rights Rally. The Rights Rally each year is our opportunity to let the legislators know that we are alive and well and are still fighting for every motorcyclist rights in Pennsylvania so please make every effort to attend.

This year at Hazen I will be getting around and seeing a lot of you so make sure to let me know what is going on in your Districts and Chapters and what I and the rest of the Executive Committee can do to assist you with any problems that you may be having. As always if you need anything email me or call me and I will be right on your problem coming up with a solution.

Spring is upon us and I know each chapter will be out working on charity events across Pennsylvania, my wife Bev and myself plan on attending what we can so just shoot me an invitation and hopefully we are able to attend. Well I think I covered what I wanted to cover this month so to each of you please be safe on your spring riding until PennDot gets the roads cleaned off from the winter, until next month may the wind always be in your face and road under you.