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The Hazen State Party of 2021 is now in the history books and let me say it was very successful!! This year was the second largest crowd that ever attended the State Party and from what I have been reading on Facebook it was one of the best years we have every had as far as the crowd having a great time. There are so many people that I need to thank but the first is Scott Minich the chairman of the Hazen Committee. Scotty took over last year from Bob Watkins and let me say he did one hell of a job. Scotty worked hard with the committee by holding regular virtual meetings to ensure that everything was in place for the big weekend.

The second set of people are the Hazen Committee for doing their jobs that they were assigned, people like Bart Simpson the man in-charge of the vendors, Mr. & Mrs. Psycho who took care of the booking the bands. Diane Evans and John Kruger and others that assisted at the front gate. Popcorn with all her hard work at the State office along with the crew that came in assist her with getting paperwork together and having it ready for the party.

All those that sold state raffle tickets which let me say made a profit of $26.000.00.  Tinny, Chris, and Ron for heading up Security along with all those that signed up for roving security. Tiffany with State Products, Sonja Mauk taking all the pictures along with her and Brian Magness for taking the bull by the horns and getting a group together on Thursday to hang the banners on the stage and beer trailer. Brian K for all his hard work making sure the beer was flowing from the beer taps. I want to give a big shout out to Eric Switzer for running the dunking booth to raise money for Bikepac and all those that put time in the dunking booth, Bill Shick for doing as always, a great job in running the Adult and Bike games. John Ramsey President of Jefferson County and his crew that did the set-up and take down of the rented equipment along with ensuring the front gate was manned Thursday into Friday morning, and lastly, I want to say thank you to you the membership for turning out and making this year’s Hazen State Party the 2nd largest crowd in the history of the Hazen State Party.

I received an email from State Treasurer Peggy Snyder who is still working on the Profit and Lose statement from the party and she estimates that the party made a profit of around $46,000.00 so that will put ABATE of PA back on good grounds financially for this coming year which I am very happy for.

Looking forward to next year I am charging Scotty Minich and the Hazen Committee to make next year’s party bigger and better. Talking to Scotty he is looking at getting one or two headliner bands to play but with a headliner band comes the cost. The way I see it you need to spend money to make money and if you make the party entertaining people will attend and will more than likely continue to attend in the years to come so I look forward to seeing what Scott and the Committee come up with over the next year of planning.

Looking forward through the rest of year please start thinking about the Leadership and Legislative Seminar in late January and if there is something that you would want to see at the seminar please have your District Rep or Chapter President bring it up at one of the upcoming board meetings. Also please start thinking of who you would like to nominate for one of the awards presented at the Seminar please get your nomination into the state office sometime this fall.

I do believe I have covered just about everything that I wanted to cover this month so continue to enjoy your riding season and try to get out and support your local chapters many events and we will talk again next month.