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Well it looks like Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring so start getting the bikes ready to ride. The Leadership and Legislative seminar was held on January 24 and 25 and let me say that John Kruger and the committee put on a great seminar. For those that attended I hope that you got the most of this year’s seminar. Myself I was glad to have the opportunity to be able to talk with a lot of you when I wasn’t running from one thing to another, which I guess is part of being the State Coordinator. I want to congratulate this year’s award winners, you all deserve the honor that you received.

On February 21, myself and other will be meeting with PennDOT and Total Control in Harrisburg to discuss last year’s motorcycle safety program and what to expect for coming year. I know after talking with the representatives from Total Control at the L&L we are moving in the right direction but there is still more to do to ensure that the program is back to what it once was. Total Control needs to get more instructors trained and onboard which will open more sites for those seeking training. If interested in becoming an instructor give the ABATE of PA State office a call and they will give you the contact information of Total Control and you can see what is involved with becoming an instructor, it’s a great part time job for someone that is looking for one.

On June 1, we will once again be having the annual Rights Rally in Harrisburg. As of my last article I wasn’t sure what our Legislative Coordinator John Kruger was planning on doing regarding the Right Rally but since then it looks like it’s going to be happening this year, so start making plans.

The Hazen State Party is really starting to take shape, I am asking for this year to be bigger and better. You know by supporting this event you’re supporting the organization as whole. The Hazen State Party annually is our largest fundraiser of the year and revenue from the party goes to help run the State Office financially. Each chapter received their Hazen tickets at the L&L seminar so let’s get out and start selling them and getting them back into the State Office as soon as you can. Just a reminder if you are not able to come for the whole weekend of Hazen you can purchase a one day only ticket at the gate starting on Saturday of the event which gives you a chance to still attend at a cheaper rate.

I want to put something out now in this article, toward the middle of this year we will be deciding on a state raffle which will be held at Hazen in 2021. So if you have any ideas please don’t be afraid to reach out to me with your proposal and I will bring it before the board for consideration later this year. 

Well I do believe that I have covered everything that I wanted to cover for this month I am really hoping the ground hog is right and we are looking at early spring because I really need some in the wind therapy to clear my head! Talk with you next month.