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Well let me start out by saying what a great Leadership and Legislative Seminar it was this year, Charlies out did himself as always in providing the membership a very informative weekend and we in leadership hope you came away with the knowledge you need to be successful in your Chapters and Districts. With this being my first year as your new State Coordinator I was able to get to know the members and provide you with what my vision is for the next two years and we together as one will move this train down the tracts and I look forward to being the engineer of that train.

 On January 18 Kevin Snyder, myself, Charlie and others had the opportunity to attend a meeting in Harrisburg with PennDOT and Total Control the company that is contracted to provide the motorcycle safety program in Pennsylvania. I came out of that meeting feeling that both PennDOT and Total Control look forward to partnering with ABATE of PA in making this program successful in Pennsylvania once again. Total Control had their growing pains last year but this coming year they are in the process of recruiting certified instructors and looking for other sites throughout to state to expand the program and make it more available to those seeking the program.

At the Leadership and Legislative Seminar Total Control was able to recruit 16 ABATE of PA members who were very interested in becoming instructors which I thought was great. I would love to see every instructor be a member of our great organization and I plan to work hard to see this happen.

Things to look forward to in the months to come, in February the State Pool Shoot off in Falls Creek, PA at the FOE Eagles Club on the February 16, I will write next month on the results of the Shoot off. The Grand Board meeting will be held at the Center Hall American Legion on March 16. I am asking the District Reps to put a feeler out to the chapters and recruit one member or two from each District that are between the age of 21 and 32 and bring that member or members to the Grand Board meeting. At the Grand board meeting I am going to ask this group of young members to meet in a different room and do a round table discussion and come up with ideas that they feel would attract younger members to join and become active within our organization.

Under new business this group will report out the results of their discussion to the leadership. The next two big events coming up are Freedom Weekend / Rights Rally and the Hazen State party in June, I would like to see a larger turn out for both. Over past years both events have seen a drop off in attendance. We as an organization need to make our presentence known at the Rights Rally this year. This is our opportunity yearly to show those in the capital that we are alive and well and watching everything that effects our rights as motorcyclist in Pennsylvania, we must never let our guard down.

Lastly, I want to say a little about the Hazen State Party. The Hazen Committee is working hard at making improvements to this year’s event. One of the biggest is the relocation of the stage to the field where the bikes games is held. The committee feels that this area is not used that much after the bike games are over and would be a better spot as the main area for those attending the party to hang out and enjoy the entertainment that is lined up for the weekend. So please mark your calendars at try to come out and enjoy the party and make this year’s State Party a success. I want to remind every chapter to get hot on selling the state raffle tickets, as you get them sold please make sure to send them into the state office. Well I better end this article before Popcorn tells me I’m getting long winded, until next month stay warm and think spring and the wind your face.