Between the Lines May 2017 issue




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Everyone should now be planning to attend the upcoming state and chapter events for the summer.  I think I stress every year the importance of the Rights Rally and how we need as many folks there to represent as possible and I’m again doing so this year.  Yes, it requires some planning and possibly time from work but hopefully if you are passionate enough about our cause you will be able to convince your boss, school, heck maybe your wife how important it is for you to attend this event and they will understand.  Some just don’t understand our mission totally and my suggestion is to hand them a copy of our newsletter and explain how we keep our members informed, how we stay abreast of house bills and how we come together as a brotherhood and grass roots organization. 

After the Rights Rally we all know what’s coming up next, Hazen.  I’m sure many of you have received the message that we put out at the L&L but here is a reminder.  There will be no overnight parking in the lots outside the gate or on the road allowed until Thursday night, if you show up on Wednesday, you will be asked to leave the area and return on Thursday.  There will be no Chinese lanterns permitted, if any are set off you will be asked to leave, and we can ask an entire group to leave if we can’t determine what individual set it off, seriously this is a fire safety issue and one we can’t take lightly so you have been warned.  I’m confident that we can all adhere to these new stipulations and have a great time!  Don’t forget to sell the raffle chances as much as possible as they will be drawing the winners at Hazen and everyone benefits from selling these. 

 In closing, please take a look at the face book page and other chapter websites and face book pages to see if you can plan to attend an upcoming event.  Once you do attend another chapter’s event, don’t be surprised if the favor isn’t returned and they come to one of your chapter’s events.  Ride safe and get those yard signs out and visible now and for upcoming motorcycle safety awareness month of May!