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Here we are another month down and riding season is in full swing and all those chapters out there are hard at work working on various charity runs and chapter get togethers. I love this time year but I just wish that there was more time through the riding season to get everything in.

The Rights Rally was held on June 3 and I want to thank everyone that turned out for it. This is the one time of year that we get the opportunity to have our voices heard and to let those that work under the dome know that we are alive and well as an organization and we are working hard to ensure that the motorcycle rights of every motorcyclist in this great commonwealth is being addressed. We as an organization this year sent a message to Senator Tommy Tomlison that we want our Lemon Law bill released to the Consumer Protection Committee for consideration, let’s see if heard us!

As of this writing Hazen is just around the corner and I am really hoping that we have a great turn out and the weather is on our side because if you are like me I really hate mud! The Hazen Committee has worked hard this year to ensure that various changes are up and ready for this year’s event. in next month’s article, I will write more on the State Party.

It has been 6 months since taking over as your State Coordinator and I can say I like the direction the organization is moving in. Our Operations Committee is working hard on considering different ways to operate the state office. Our Youth Committee is working at ways to recruit and retain younger members who we hope will someday move into leadership roles and continue moving up in our ranks. We are continuing to look at ways to bring more and more income into the state office so that we have the finances to do what we do best which is fight for our rights. Our chapters throughout the state continue to hold great charity events which their communities have come to greatly benefit from and each of you can be proud of what you do to better the lives of those in need.

At the beginning of May I popped into the state office and I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Charlie and I would like to say it was one of the greatest conversations that I have ever had. To sit and hear of where we come from and where we are today is something and I look forward to getting the chance in the future to make the trip to Harrisburg and learn more from Charlie before his retirement and hopefully after his retirement.

Well it’s been raining for 3 days and today it is becoming a beautiful day out, its Friday and I do believe that I am going to blow the afternoon off work and get a little in the wind time. Enjoy your riding and events over the next month until next month be safe and hopefully the sun will shine.