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The countdown is on kids, 40th year of Hazen is almost here!  There is a lot of work put into our annual state party and we owe thanks to the committee and state officers for their hard work!  Popcorn and Paul put very long hours in at the gate along with all those that sign up to help there and security. So when you are there this year be sure to thank them and all those working to be sure you are safe and able to have a great time!  Another thanks goes out to all the chapters that were successful in their areas for officially proclamations for May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. I seen a lot this year and I'm impressed, thank you! 

And I want to put a last minute request in to all of  the members, we really need to get the raffle tickets sold before we get to Hazen this year.  So how about you send in $5 to the state office and buy one from Popcorn or go online and do the same.  Better yet, call your chapter and buy them from them as they get to keep fifty cents for each ticket they sale and most chapters still have some unsold tickets.  No better deal anywhere for $5, a chance to win $10,000, $5,000 or $2,000 and also you are helping to fund ABATE of PA with your donations! 

Finally, here's hoping I seen a lot of you at our Rights Rally!