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I’m sure you’ve heard by now the details on Freedom Weekend and our Rights Rally being held June 4th, if not look in this newsletter or on the website for the information.  I’d like to see a record number again coming to the capitol this year so I’m hoping for nice weather.  If you have the opportunity to meet the group at Shellsville VFW picnic grounds to participate in the parade into the capitol Monday morning, do it, it’s a great feeling of being part of a great organization and making an impact at our state capitol where it all happens!   Each year Charles does a great job at organizing and I’m sure he will be successful once again.  After that it will only be a few weeks and we’ll be at the 41st Hazen, which we all know will be a great time no matter what mother nature has in store for us.  Sure hope the Easter bunny was nice to you all and everyone is gearing up to have a great summer.  See you soon!