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Between the Lines October 2017 issue

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I am going a different direction this month… Instead of talking about what they are doing (or not) in Harrisburg or Washington because frankly, I have no new information, I will rather talk to you about the upcoming election(s) for Chapter Officers and District Officers.

There will be some brave souls who have already accepted nominations by now, But why haven’t the rest of you stepped up?? The work of the Officers is needed for a smooth operation of both a District and a Chapter. If all positions are filled, each has but a small list of duties to complete to help maintain an even load.

Yea, I know not everyone can be the Secretary or the Treasurer, but those doing it now never thought they would be doing it. And your Chapter/District might be blessed with someone who has been doing it for years with no intention of stepping down, but there are many many positions that can be filled.

From Sergeant-At-Arms, to Membership, To Legislative Coordinator, to O.S.A.L., every chapter and District have all kinds of positions, and most usually struggle to fill them all. 

What are you afraid of?? You will do a poor job? Bull- you figured out how to ride on two wheels (or three) around a whole bunch of cagers who are not even aware you are there –Yet you have managed to survive, so I think you are all pretty smart!!  Hell you’ve even become a better driver in your cage along the way!!

PLUS at the L&L Seminar in January we would love to help provide you with the knowledge and the resources to successfully perform your duties. You also have many other State, District and Chapter officers who would be more than happy to help you along the way.

This I can tell you, you WILL make new friends, you WILL be appreciated (most of the time), you WILL become a more involved A.B.A.T.E. member and you WILL learn new things along the way.

I THANK YOU in advance for stepping up. Now order your tickets for L&L…

Ride Fast, Ride Safe, Ride Free