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Between the Lines July 2018 issue

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What an amazing 48 hours….

It all started at Freedom Weekend.

Sunday morning began dry (as it had been so far at Shellsville) and rather warm for the sparse crowd. A 20+ mile morning ride in the surrounding area was first on the agenda, care free (helmet too) just to cleanse the mind and soul for the upcoming two days. Then back for the bike show, which was about the same as last year, only a few in each category but nice none the less, good work Adam Gill. Next it was off to “Stupid Human Games” where I “won” another fabulous fun prize!! Great work Walter Cheshier. We got a little damp by the end, some from the water balloons, some from a light drizzle, but we had a blast. Then we retired to sit around our campfires, never minding the drizzle, as friends; laughing, drinking and eating long into the night, if you missed it, sorry about your luck!!

Monday morning dawned to a beautiful day to ride to the Capitol with the “God Bless America Motorcycle Color Guard”. Riding with those folks never gets old (even though we do).

Then I had the honor of introducing our “Circle of Friends” during the Rights Rally and boy did we have some legislators on hand this year!! Hand shaking, introductions, business cards exchanged.  I think I did several months’ worth of work in 5-10 minutes.

A bike ride back to the campground for final cleanup, a rather easy task with Jason McClintock, following the fine job the Monterey Pass did while we were at the Capitol.

Then it was off to another event representing A.B.A.T.E. meeting House candidates from across the state in this falls’ general election, in a casual relaxed way that was so different from the morning. I got to say hi to representatives like Jim Marshal, Mark Keller and Stan Saylor that I have gotten to know along the way, then to be introduced by Kate Klunk, Kristin Hill and Dan Moul to newer members or even people trying to become elected for the first time. During that event, who sits down beside me?   None other than Scott Wagner, the Republican gubernatorial candidate.  Can you believe for over a half hour, we talked like old friends, maybe his sore knee kept him hostage, or maybe he liked my stories.  Either way, I’ll take it!!  Thank you Charles for the invite and the ticket to the event. Oh, by the way, congratulations to Tom Detrick on winning a door prize!! You lucky bastard!

As I was driving home from Harrisburg that evening, I was thinking about all that happened in less than 48 hrs, all I could think of is how blessed I am to be but a small part of this wonderful group, A.B.A.T.E. of PA. I am happy and honored to call you all my friends, except for you Psycho, you’re still a lovable pain in the butt.

Ride fast, ride safe, ride free