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Between the Lines March 2019 issue

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To those is the southern portion of the state, make sure the air pressure in your tires is where is needs to be before you head out today, that long storage of 2 1⁄2 months can cause them to be low.

To those in the northern portion of the state, be careful while shoveling out your driveway this week.

How it can be in early spring in PA.

It was great seeing you all at the L&L, and hope everyone is charged up for the year ahead. And if Slider didn’t motivate you…you’re dead, just accept it.

Now on to Legislative news.  First what has been introduced?

A. HB 26-Adding motorcycles to the PA Lemon Law (last session HB 74). Thank you to Pam Snyder (Greene, Fayette and Washington Counties) for being the first introducing motorcycle legislation this year. Now to get this across the finish line.

B. HB 384- increased fines for not having proper endorsement on license (last session HB 1239) Thank you to Rep. Joshua Kail (Beaver and Washington Counties) for introducing what Rep. Jim Marshall attempted last session.

C. HB ??- Motorcycle Procession Law. Huge thanks to Rep. Mark Keller (Perry and Cumberland Counties) for re-introducing this bill to allow for our organized rides to be recognized and respected on the roadways.

I hope this is the start of a very productive session for the motorcycling community.

Also this spring, we will be working with and keeping a close eye on the PAMSP being operated by Total Control under contract to Penn-Dot. They are definitely talking the talk, showing concern and interest in correcting the debacle the previous contractor made out of our once proud program. Please keep us informed of any problems or good work for those getting into a class as a student or instructor. Hopefully by this time next year, all PA motorcycle riders can again be proud of the program We fund to teach the beginning, the intermediate and the advanced riders as well as those on three wheels.

Now let’s flood the state with yard signs new design and old, to make everyone aware of our presence. I don’t care if they “like me” or not, I just want them to know I am there, preferably before they turn left in my path.

Ride fast, tide safe, ride free