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Between the Lines January 2020 issue

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I had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman recently. The event was held in the offices of our new lobbyist, Wojdak Government Relations. This event was different than the other fundraisers I have attended because it was so small and intimate. It was the Senator and his Chief of Staff,   4 of Wojdak’s clients; State Police Officers Association, PA Corrections Officers Association, a career learning center from southeastern PA and myself from A.B.A.T.E. plus all the members of the Wojdak team.

We sat around a large conference table and just talked to the Senator on issues he foresees as concerns right now. Then he asked for a topic relating to each of us and asked for our thoughts. It got interesting when I mentioned all the stalled legislation in the Senate. He mentioned how everyone “liked” the idea of the lemons to Senator Tomlinson, then he mentioned Mark Keller’s motorcycle procession bill and that sure got a response from some in the room. Let’s just say, after the exchange of comments, I am more confident now that the bill will pass and not fall to the opposition.

It was also nice to see how quickly Steve and the team responded with great knowledge of our positions and facts about our bills.

There has been no action on any of our bills in the last month so here is a review where we are with the bills we support.


1.     House Bill 26

Representative Pam Snyder

Includes motorcycles in the present Automobile Lemon Law

Currently In the Senate

February 26, 2019            Referred to Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure

Please contact Senator Robert Tomlinson to get it moving

2.     House Bill 634

Representative Mark Keller

Organized motorcycle processions

                        Currently in the Senate

May 3, 2019            Referred to Transportation    

Please contact your Senator or Senator Kim Ward (Transportation Chair) to get it moving

3.     Senate Bill             SB 62           

Senator J. Ward

Disabled Veteran Plate

                                    Currently in the Senate

March 27, 2019                        Laid on the Table

4.     Senate Bill    SB 732

Senator Camera Bartolotta

Grass Clippings on Roadways

                                    Currently in the senate

June 7, 2019               Referred to Judiciary Committee