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Between the Lines May 2019 issue

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The Rights Rally

Now is time to get ready for your trip to the annual Rights Rally, June 3 at the Capitol in Harrisburg. Rally starts at 12 noon sharp.

So why is the Rights Rally so important you ask??  Well, first of all “political change” is 1/3 of our mission statement. We are driven to promote the “motorcycle lifestyle” by stopping any injustice directed at us personally or any of our “brothers” on two wheels. Examples of our accomplishments are handlebar height, auxiliary lighting, or parking 2 bikes in one space. We also fought to stop excess fees on tickets to go to a fund for injuries from accidents we as motorcyclists are not allowed access.

But the largest accomplishment to date was putting choice back into the motorcycle helmet law. Novice and under age 21 riders are still required to wear a helmet at all times But experienced operators can now make an informed choice to wear a helmet or not. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOUR CHOICE IS!!! I just care that you are free to have one. This is not an opening to start the debate with me about helmets, my number is on the inside cover of this paper.  Call if you want to talk about it!! This is about fighting to keep our freedom of choice.

 Freedom of Choice almost seems like something our founding fathers fought for, (and they did) and something still under attack today. Do not think for one minute we too can not fall under the same type of restrictions we fought so hard to modify. These are feel good measures for people who don’t ride, that doesn’t feel so good to a large group who do ride.

We make our voice be heard by the numbers of people flooding the capitol steps, making contact with those we call our friends publicly and without reservation during the press conference and filling the roads of Harrisburg with the sounds of freedom fighters on steel steeds!

Come join me and many of your friends, join the fight to maintain our “freedom of choice”. Make your voice be heard.

Ride fast, ride safe, ride free


Here is where we stand on the Bills we are currently following           


1.     House Bill 26 PRINTER'S NO. 41

Representative Pam Snyder

Includes motorcycles in the present Automobile Lemon Law

January 28, 2019             Referred to consumer affairs

February 4, 2019            Reported as committed,

February 4, 2019            First consideration,

February 4,2019            Laid on Table

February 6, 2019            Removed from Table

February 19, 2019 Second consideration

February 19, 2019 Re-committed to the Appropriations

February 20, 2019 Re- Reported as committed

February 20, 2019 Third consideration and Final Passage (168-6)

                               In the Senate

February 26, 2019 Referred to Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure

Position We Support     


2.     House Bill      HB 384    PRINTER'S NO. 354

Representative Joshua Kail

Increasing the penalty for driving without the proper endorsement

February 5,  2019  Referred to Transportation

February 19, 2019 Reported as committed

February 19, 2019 First consideration

February 19, 2019 Laid on table

February 20, 2019 Removed from table

February 21, 2019 Second consideration

February 21, 2019 Re-committed to the Appropriations

March 11, 2019            Re- Reported as committed

March 11, 2019            Third consideration and Final Passage (193-0)

In the Senate

March 19, 2019                        Referred to Transportation

Position We Support     


3.     House Bill 634 PRINTER'S NO. 629

Representative Mark Keller

Organized motorcycle processions

February 28, 2019 Referred to Transportation

Position We Support     


4.     Senate Bill             SB 62                        PRINTER'S NO. 194

Senator J. Ward

Disabled Veteran Plate

January 28, 2019            Referred to Transportation

February 5, 2019            Reported as amended

February 5, 2019            First consideration

March 27, 2019            Laid on the Table

Position We Support