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Between the Lines July 2019 issue

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Hello July

It is time for those mid-summer rides to anywhere with air conditioning, cold beer or ice cream. Also time for those Christmas in July ride we all look forward to.

Looking back at last month, we started off with a VERY well attended Rights Rally. I was a pleasure to see so many of you there. I think they will be talking about all those lemons for a while. Hopefully they will get our message across in such a way as to have that bill (HB 26- adding motorcycles to the lemon law) moved out of committee.

It was also nice to receive an alert later that day as HB 384 (increased penalty for failure to have proper class of license for vehicle operated) has its’ second consideration and was sent to appropriations. Maybe we can get this one done before summer break.

As I think about what all transpired this day, I am in wonder of all the love and respect shown to Charles by all the legislators in attendance. It was nice to see the out-pouring of thanks and well wishes offered for his pending retirement. But also the respect for how he fought for what we believed for all those years. He never backed down from “Who he was” or “What he believed in” just to get a favorable vote from anyone.

But it was also hard to watch him struggle to get around the massive maze of corridors, rooms and stairs just to get from one “empty” office to another. The best meetings took place in the halls as chance meeting offered one or two minutes of conversation before the legislator had to scurry off to yet another meeting or appointment. The mind is still ready for the fight, but the body is worn, used and abused from so many days of this hustle and bustle.

Keep an eye out on social media or an ear at your chapter meeting to follow the status of all our other Bills working their way through the system.

Now, to miss those afternoon thunderstorms!!

Ride fast, ride safe, ride free