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Between the Lines December 2017 issue

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Welcome to December, the month of check runs, toy drives and Christmas parties. The month where we help the less fortunate. The month where we place a wreath on every veteran’s grave. The end of 2017….

Congratulations to all those elected to positions in your chapter or district. Thank you for stepping up and helping by getting or staying involved. There are sessions at the L&L to help you understand your position’s duties and responsibilities as well as ways to help you achieve success.

As I reflect back on this year, it has been a good one. I have moved up into the position of LC and now I have a handle on the reports and the articles. I will be working to see that the L&L is success. And I have visited a few different chapter meetings and found all to be groups of hard working people.

 Sometimes it feels like the whole year slipped away without getting much done, but I know that just isn’t true. This has been a year of preparation for much more to come. We have several pieces of legislation out of the House, (HB 26, HB 831, HB 1239), and into a position to be passed in the Senate. We have HB 74 moving along slowly in the House too. So maybe we can end 2017 on a positive note.

If you are sending Christmas cards this year, send one to your House Rep. and Senator and sign your name as well as your chapter name. No need to add anything else, a simple reminder that you are out there can go a long way. Of course, IF you want send along a free year’s membership in their name well….

I would like to send each of you a hearty Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, a Warm Yule, or a Festive Saturnalia or what ever else you might celebrate and hope it makes your season great. And may it transition into a happy New Year.

Ride fast, ride safe, ride free