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Between the Lines February 2018 issue

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Well the now that the L&L is over, there is nothing to do until spring right? Maybe do a little P-M on the bike? Maybe change the oil, or tires or add that one new thing, right? It will pay dividends and make the whole “riding season” better, right?

Why don’t we apply the same logic to our relationship with our legislator? You know, stop in and give it a little “tune-up”? It could make the whole “legislative season” go a lot smoother.

Think about it for a minute, the last thing on their minds is anything motorcycle. And why not, there ain’t that many rumbling down the streets right now. They will think about us again in May at the Rights Rally, but by then the session is almost over. They will already be  planning their summer break.

When a non-rider thinks about a rider, they think of a bike or group of bikes, riding down the road with the wind in their hair, the sun on their face, in a curve while in short sleeves on a warm summer day. They never picture us in our 6 layers, insulated gloves and face mask because its 20 outside. They think of a nicer time of year. So take them there.

Now is the time to visit, call or send a letter. Remind them we are here. They are probably already bored to death talking about budgets, taxes or other crisis that is in the news. Give them something warm to think about for a few minutes. Remind them about the full year riders. Remind them we need there protection (HB 74-Lemon Law, HB-1239-Proper endorsement) and their help making it safer (HB-831 Motorcycle procession) so we can be here for them in the fall at election time.

One last thing, Now is a good time to register to vote for the upcoming elections. Deadlines are in the early spring, so don’t miss out. A non-registered member is like no member at all, so make every member count!

Be ready for spring, take time now while it’s bitter outside. 

Ride Fast, Ride Safe, Ride Free