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Between the Lines August 2017 issue

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The importance of “The Visit”

Why is a visit to your House Representative or Senator so important is a question asked by many.

We all think…“Hell, I ain’t nobody.”…“They won’t listen to me anyway.” …” They’re too busy to see me.”

Well that just isn’t true. Your elected officials are always interested in what you the voter has to say, and the more often you talk to them, the more important your words become!!

We’ve all heard “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” Be just enough of a squeak to get their attention.

Why? Because they recognize you give a damn. If you keep it simple, they might even understand what you are saying. Stay short and to the point. Don’t mix subjects on one visit without paperwork listing all of your concerns. Mention items by bill number or catch names. (They like to write down the bill numbers) THEY WILL LOOK IT UP AFTERWARDS so keep it fresh by following up with a thank-you note for seeing you!

I like to schedule my visits to my reps in their local office or district office. You really get higher quality time there. Friday afternoon last available appointment is my favorite. They are usually less rushed to leave and they will have your visit on their mind all weekend. The summer months (If they ever get a budget done) are a great time to schedule district office appointments because they are there more often. Plus it’s more fun to ride there. They will hear ya coming and going!

So, call them today to schedule a visit. Put your favorite ABATE shirt on, grab your vest, and ride that scooter of yours to your Senator or House of Representative’s office and get to know them, they don’t bite…Well most of them anyway….

Make this a great last month to the summer and get a visit or two in, and then we will have a productive fall.

Ride fast, ride safe, ride free