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Between the Lines January 2019 issue

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, Welcome to 2019

And welcome to the 2019/2020 Legislative Session. May the New Year offer to us many possibilities and rewards as we work to secure bikers rights and safeguard our privileges throughout our Commonwealth. 

While a lot of this session’s emphasis will be on ideas from uncompleted legislation last session, I am sure there will be more than one new important area for us to strike up a conversation.  I wish to thank all that contacted me about the topics you felt were important to pursue. Your thoughts and opinions are all we have to give a direction for our efforts. The organized motorcycle procession ideas as well as proper endorsement for motorcycle operators seems to still be first in everyone minds. The stopping of motorcycle profiling and well as the inclusion in the lemon law is also very high on the list of the respondents. We will try to push these issues in the coming months.

A new issue has been raised; increased penalty for those that scatter yard waste (grass clippings and brush trimmings) on the roadway who do not promptly clean them off creating a hazard for motorcycles has become a hot topic for many who responded. We will have to see what we can do with this idea. 

Now if I can give a plug for the L&L. This is the one event I look forward to more than all the others. The relationships we form and strengthen with others from across the state are the strength of our organization. We might not always agree on everything, but we can all learn from each others positions on our issues. Plus every penny earned from the auctions and your donations go to BikePAC to further our causes. So, bring your check book and dig as deep as possible.

Those with new Representatives and Senators, make an appointment as soon as possible to meet with them, introduce yourself and our organization to them EARLY in the session so they can support us and we support them. For those with returning legislators, keep an eye out for office relocations, they might not be in the same location as you visited previously. There is nothing stronger than a visit from a voter in their district to reinforce what do at the state level. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

See you at the L&L,

Ride fast, ride safe, ride free