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Between the Lines September 2018 Issue

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By Charles Umbenhauer

HB 2537 would make the Harley Davidson motorcycle the official state motorcycle of PA.  For various reasons we are not supporting this bill.  We will not be opposed to it but will remain neutral.  Here are some of the reasons behind that decision. 

We, ABATE of PA, are not a Harley Davidson club.  We are a motorcyclists rights organization.  Too often I have heard people and even members at large refer to ABATE as a Harley club.  We are not.  Harley has its own club (HOG) Harley Owners Group. 

In the meantime I do not want to get on the wrong side of anyone with some of the Harley riders being upset with the company planning to move some of its manufacturing overseas to avoid new tariffs put on by President Trump. 

Another reason is the fact that many Harley dealers in PA belong to the PMDA (PA Motorcycle Dealers Association).  This group has deep pockets and have sent their lobbyist out in force to defeat ABATE’s effort on HB 74, a bill that would include motorcycles in the PA Auto Lemon Law.  With the price of many motorcycles in today’s market, our membership felt that it is time that we are not being provided the consumer protection that is provided to everyone when they purchase a new automobile or truck.  Many bikes today can cost $30,000 and up.  While there is only a few days left that the legislature can take action on this bill, we plan on pushing on in hopes of gaining enough support from Senator Tomlinson’s Senate Consumer Protection Committee and be permitted to have a committee vote so if successful, HB 74 can be considered by the full Senate. 

In the meantime help us get HB 74 to the full Senate for consideration by calling Senator Tomlinson’s Harrisburg office at 717-787-5072 and ask them to give him your message “Please bring ABATE’s bill HB 74 before your committee for a vote so we can have consideration on this important legislation by the full Senate.”