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Between the Lines March 2021 issue

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A quick rundown of the current legislation that is of interest to various portions of our membership.

The first two bills are reincarnations of what we proposed in the past with all of the “ changes” we agreed to in the last session.

First up his house bill 69 sponsored by our friend Representative Pam Snyder, The inclusion of motorcycles in the Pennsylvania lemon law. This bill is currently in the House committee of consumer affairs. This bill contains all the language as agreed to by both “ABATE and The Motorcycle dealers Association of PA.

We are hoping this is quick action and passage.

The second bill is introduced by Representative Perry Stambaugh,

“The motorcycle procession bill”

This bill was also introduced last session but failed to gain a lot of traction due to opposition mainly from PA State Police. Most of the things that we discussed last session are included in this bill but I am expecting we will continue to see staunch opposition. I just find it interesting that the idea and push for this bill came from the Blue Knights, A motorcycle organization of law-enforcement officers active and retired. I am more than ready to continue to fight for this bill.

The third bill that we will be following And supporting is HB 478. Just bill’s prime sponsor is Clint Owlett.

This bill currently sits in the House committee of Tourism and Recreational Development

This bill has within it provisions for regulations of off-highway motorcycles or OHMs. This would allow off-highway motorcycles to use the same trail systems as snowmobiles or ATVs. Included in the bill is wording such as ...... “ (a.1) State forest land.--If a local authority designates a roadway within its jurisdiction as open for snowmobile, ATV or OHM use, or a combination, and the roadway is adjacent to or adjoining State forest land, the department shall make roads and

trails in that forest available for the use of vehicles regulated under this chapter.”

There is also exemption from liability for public and private land owners who allow their land to be used for safety and training programs of OHMs. I encourage our membership to support this bill.

I will keep you updated on these bills and any new ones that come along.

Ride fast, ride safe, ride free