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Between the Lines April 2018 issue

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Sitting here on a mid-March evening, trying to think of a way of saying yet again, “Not any movement on the legislation we are requesting, watching, or otherwise care about.”  Ok there it is, you have my report so I am done now right? Well not quite yet!

Climbing up on my soap box…

I have been busy these last few weeks signing petitions for people running for office  Funny how “applying for the job” gets done in a timely manner but doing the job, well, that’s a different rant for a different day. Anyway, listening to how and why someone should be allowed to be on the ballot, how they have my concerns at heart, how they would like to represent me in the office they wish to fill, how, OK, you get the gist. They all say pretty much the same thing in different ways. I get it, but how the hell am I supposed to select who is the right person for the job? They all sound like good candidates. And I guess that’s why they have to run for office every two years, they are better at convincing us they can do the job than sitting through the bs meetings and conferences to do the “job”. By the way, I couldn’t sit through all those meetings/hearings either, sleep through them, yes, but actually sit and actively participate-not gonna happen.

Ok I guess what I am trying to say is, it’s that time of year where politicians do what they do best, run for office. So I say let them campaign, help them get it done, put out the yard signs, invite them to your meetings, try not to have your head explode.  It’s only April, the TV ads ain’t even started yet.

There is still plenty to do to help our legislation, like visit Senator’s offices to push through what is sitting in their chamber. They can be forgotten this time of year. Make friends with candidates, meet them, introduce them to A.B.A.T.E. Tell them who we are and what we do. Ask them how they feel on our issues, helmets, profiling, distracted drivers, PMSP to name a few.

Just remember this is the primary, move cautiously. There may be more than one good candidate for your district seat.

And on the federal front, check on who is your congressional candidate and what is your district, they have changed for many of us.  Will have a new one after this election.

April 16    Last day to register before the General Primary

May 15    General Primary Election