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"It was never about the helmet, it was about choice."
—Charles Umbenhauer

Charles Umbenhauer

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Between the Lines November 2018 issue

Return Home

Well the riding season is coming to a conclusion.  The Gettysburg Ride on September 22 signaled the last state event for this year.  I informed Representative Harry Readshaw that this would be the last Gettysburg Ride that I would coordinate from the ABATE side of things.  Eighteen years is a long stretch but I was proud of the fact that we were able to meet our goal of bringing our contributions to a grand total of just over $200,000. 

I am cutting back on a lot of activities outside of my lobbying efforts, getting ready for retirement when it comes.  At the ceremony preceding the Ride to Gettysburg, Representative Readshaw and Moul presented me with a Citation from the House of Representatives.  It was two pages long in small type and while I stood there as he read it out loud to all of the attendees I felt proud but at the same time thought it got carried away with everything that was in the citation.  After Harry was done reading it he handed me the mike and knowing that everyone was getting anxious to get on the ride, I simply said, “That was all bullshit.  But if anyone missed any part of it I will have the Representative read it again when we get to Gettysburg.”   In reality I really did appreciate being recognized publically with the House Citation.  It means a lot to me. 

The ride itself went off without a hitch and I still marvel at the police escort all the way from Harrisburg to Gettysburg.  Only thing we still have is the raffle winner did not come forward to claim the prize.  The ticket stub has a scribbled name on that starts with Di and a phone number that we cannot read the last two digits.  Ticket number is 3724 so if you are in possession of that ticket number and still have it, call the state office and we will tell you how to claim your winnings. 

I do understand that if Harry wins reelection for another two year term he will do two more Gettysburg Rides and then turn over the role of leading the charge to Representative Dan Moul.  I am glad to see that it will continue on for a while longer because I personally have such a strong belief in the Gettysburg legacy and that we are playing a very small but very important part in keeping PA monuments in great shape for future generations. 

Back on September 25 we had a mini lobby day at the capitol in hopes of getting the three bills that we have already passed in the House but are awaiting Senate action a chance to advance.  I have been promised that one of the attendees is going to submit an article about Lobby Day so I am going to step back and let them handle it. 

Now I turn my thoughts to the L & L Seminar in January 2019.  Information is elsewhere in this newsletter along with request for sponsorship.  The only change you will notice is the admission went up $5 to $80 this year.  Really did not want to do that but the price of everything goes up.  You know that all too well.  But, after all these years I have never been ashamed of what we give you for the price of admission.  I can say shamelessly that I am quite sure we have the best state seminar in the country.  Please plan on joining us.  Tickets are on sale by calling the office or going online. 

Next month a complete wrap up on this past legislative session, 2017-2018.