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Charles Umbenhauer

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Between the Lines August 2017 issue

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We Need a Bigger Boat!

If you attended the ABATE of PA Seminar in January you may have heard me say several times, “we need a bigger boat!”  What I was referring to was the hotel, the Holiday Inn where we have held our seminar for many years with the exception of one that we held at the Embers in Carlisle.  The decision to move the seminar for 2018 was made strictly on the size of the hotel and what they could provide and allow us to have more capacity when it came to attendees. 

It had nothing to do with any problems or dissatisfaction with the Holiday Inn and I think it is important to say that because they gave us many years of great service.  The day may come when we would choose to return there and I am sure they would welcome us back.

Look for the flyer in this newsletter which will give you the dates of the event.  We are moving to the Red Lion Hotel located at 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, PA  17111.  Please do not call the hotel to make reservations before you have purchased your seminar tickets and have them in hand.  This has been a problem over the years especially with some groups who put 7 or 8 or more rooms on one credit card and then days before the seminar find out that some of the people that reserved rooms never got tickets for the seminar and cancel the reservations and we lose those rooms.  In the meantime,  others who are trying to get a room and have already purchased their tickets, find themselves being booked in an overflow hotel.  They are not happy and neither are we.  So please think of your fellow members and only reserve rooms you will be using for sure! 

Last year I was disappointed in the seminar and I do not have anyone to blame for that but myself.  I am not going to complain about anyone else since I accept full responsibility but I tell you now that I am working on the schedule right now and it won’t happen again.  If you have something that you would like to suggest being scheduled please email me this month so we can give all ideas consideration. 

This hotel has a beautiful indoor pool but there are no poolside rooms.  If you want to swim you have to put your robe on over your speedo and walk down to the pool area.  There is a great hot tub that is located “outside” so be prepared to deal with January weather getting to the tub but once you are there, you will be in paradise. 

There will be a lot of other surprises too and I believe you will all enjoy them.  Remember, the price of admission is still the same as last year, $75 per person so what do you have to complain about.  Sleeping rooms are $86 plus applicable taxes. 

So make plans now to join us on January 26, 27, 2018 for another great weekend!