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"It was never about the helmet, it was about choice."
—Charles Umbenhauer

Charles Umbenhauer

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Between the Lines January 2019 issue

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Since I am writing this prior to the 2019-2020 Legislative Session which will begin on January 1 I decided to give my thoughts on a few issues. 

Looking back on this past session I do not remember ever working as hard on an ABATE agenda other than back in 2003 when we successfully modified our helmet law.  In the past session some of the bills could be considered a little bit controversial but there were others that anyone with common sense would have agreed they were good issues and should have passed without any bs.  Just did not happen. 

Most of the legislation that did not make it through the last session will be reintroduced in the upcoming session. 

Also looking back at the past session we witnessed many legislators who were good friends of ABATE of PA either chose not to run again or in some cases were defeated.  Most will be missed and a few won’t.  There is no sense getting into that discussion at this point in time because in reality it means nothing. 

I look forward to the new session with some real concerns as to how to approach certain bills and increase our possibility of coming out on the right side of the issue. 

Other things to worry about will there be a Rights Rally in the spring?  Well my guess is there will be.  I suppose the real question is – will there be a Freedom Weekend?  This event has not shown a profit for more years than I can count, I think it is time we just do the rally and count on the membership that truly cares to get there. 

Consider this the last call for seminar tickets.  The most recent schedule is included in this newsletter and if you call the state office or go to the website you can still order tickets for the seminar.  A small supply still exists.  Get your rooms at the Red Lion Hotel soon.

In closing here is the best update I can give you regarding the Legislature.  Tom Wolf our past Governor has won election and will be Governor for another four years.  That is good in my opinion, he signed two ABATE bills – Ride on Red and Daniel’s Law.  Unfortunately, he did not get a chance to sign any ABATE legislation in the past session. 

We will have a new Lt. Governor, John Fetterman.  My opinion again is good.  The Lt Governor’s office previously held by Senator Stack who was a friend of ABATE but had many problems that he needed to resolve and evidently the voters agreed.  Fetterman will definitely bring a change to how business is done from the Lt. Governor’s desk, you can trust me on that.  The only thing we are waiting to see is will Fetterman break down and buy a tie?  I think he will because there are rules that men must wear coat and ties while on the Senate or House floor. 

The Senate remains in the control of the Republicans as does the House.  We are going to see more women in both Houses and in my opinion that is a good thing. 

That is it for my report for this month.  See you at the seminar.