Charles Umbenhauer

"It was never about the helmet, it was about choice."
—Charles Umbenhauer

Charles Umbenhauer

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Between the Lines December 2017 issue

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Only another month until the 2018 Leadership and Legislative Seminar with a new host hotel, the Red Lion Inn in Harrisburg and lots of new and different ideas that we are going to be trying out this year.  One thing that I want to ask all of you to help out with if you can is I do not think I have to tell you that the cost for putting on these type of events continues to rise.  This year won’t be any different but I refuse to cut corners to save a few bucks to stay under budget.  For those of you who have attended at least once in the past ten years, know that you can’t beat everything that is covered for the $75 registration fee. 

This year individuals who becomes a sponsor for the $100 donation will be able to participate in a brand new program that gets you a special name tag on a lanyard that you can wear proudly all weekend that will have some special privileges attached to it.  We are still working on that but we will make it worth the donation you give. 

And chapters can become sponsors anywhere from $200 to $1500.  See the breakdown of these sponsorships in this newsletter. 

We are going to have special commemorative coins celebrating 15 years of free choice in PA, 2003-2018.  This will be a limited run of 150 coins and there won’t be any more after that.  The price for this beautiful artwork is $1 per year that you have ridden free, in other words $15 each. 

We are in the process of ordering wine in choice of red or white with labels on the bottle that commemorate the 33rd annual L & L.  Not sure on the price yet. 

The agenda of workshops are being finalized and in addition to the regular officer trainings our friend and member from New Hampshire, Imre Szauter will be doing a workshop entitled Motorcycles, Technology and ITS.  Hoping to have Hardtail from the MRF as this years dinner speaker.  Planning on one or two other workshops that should peak your interest, but I do not want to mention anything that is not confirmed yet. 

Operation Save A Life will be doing a complete program on Saturday afternoon beginning at 3 PM.  This should be exciting for those of you who have never actually seen the program that has been presented hundreds of times throughout the state to thousands of school students.  This is a program that really is a credit to ABATE of PA and we need to increase awareness of it at every opportunity.  So plan on joining Bob LeGore and his team for the presentation. 

OK it is not going to be all work and no fun.  Don’t forget to pack your speedo, beautiful indoor pool and outside hot tub.  We will have entertainment for Friday and Saturday nights so you can dance the night away with members from across the state.  Of course you will be able to stop by the District 9 Hospitality Suite to enjoy free stuff and this hotel also has pool tables that you can practice up for the state pool tournament