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Between the Lines March 2021 issue

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What kind of Snowperson are You?

As a motorcyclist, snow isn’t our friend. As a person, some people like it and some don’t. When it snows, how do you deal with it? Believe it or not, this does have something to do with membership. Some people get excited and can’t wait to go play while others go out, before the storm is done, and start shoveling. Some people wait until the storm is over and then shovel while others don’t shovel and just let it thaw. Some only shovel their part and others shovel theirs, the neighbors and the old couple across the streets. What kind of A.B.A.T.E. Member are you?

“I just want to go out and PLAY!” It can be fun to just blow off all responsibilities and just go tubing. Maybe build a snowman with your kids or go out and drive around to take pictures. It’d be nice to not take care of a thing and let someone else do it. A lot of people do that as a Member. “I’m here to play but I really don’t want to do anything.” This is OK. We are all volunteers and the level of your involvement is completely up to you. Would we love for you to be more involved? Sure, but it’s not a requirement. Maybe you will see your neighbor shoveling and decide to lend a hand, at some point.

If you go out and attack it while it’s still snowing, you want to get ahead of it and have a plan. You want to take it in small parts rather than attacking one big issue even though you know you will have to attack it again in a little while. Is this how you approach your membership responsibilities? You see a task in small bits and tell yourself that you can manage this better than dealing with a larger task. That’s not a bad thing. You have enthusiasm to get in there and at least try for your Chapter and the organization. Things are going to keep piling up but you already know you’ll have to shovel again.

Waiting until the storm is over is a great approach. It allows you to develop a response. With this type of commitment, to your membership, you know there is something coming up and you are developing the plan. Whether it’s a bike event that you may need to help plan or a Chapter meeting that you know you need to make copies for, you are assessing the situation and doing your best to react. Having the desire to react is what’s important. Having the ability to decide if you need a broom, a shovel, the snow blower, or even the truck plow or tractor is a huge asset to taking care of the snow.

Bet you can see where we are going when we talk about the people who just let it thaw. “Somebody else will take care of it” or “I don’t even want to put pants on, so why would I want to get bundled up and go shovel.” You are also right, and you are still a valued Member of the organization. Yes, somebody else will take care of the issues but remember how it felt on your first charity ride? How excited you were and when you got home and looked in the mirror and realized you were part of something great? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have that feeling all the time by simply helping? It really can be that easy. Get some pants on and not only shovel your driveway or sidewalk but put forth the effort to do your neighbors walk too.

Diversity is what makes us a successful organization. Everyone has something to offer. Chapters should embrace this and realize the assets they have in their members. Members should embrace this and realize that they can be an integral part of their chapter. Even though we don’t always like the storm or the amount of accumulation, it takes all types of snowpersons to weather it.

Peace and ride safe.


Numbers Are In…

WaaHoo!!! That is where the numbers are since the February edition of Between the Lines. This relates to the numbers from Statewide Membership totals for the beginning of February. As you might be able to tell, as an organization, we depend on numbers and the support from those numbers. We all need to figure out what creates the upswings and what triggers the downswings. So, here’s the rundown.

February total, at the time this report was generated, is (5135). From Jan. to Feb. our numbers are UP by (+68)!!

UP by (+68). This is a step in the right direction but try to remember what else can we do?

  • Contact expired members. 
  • Use the phone. Emails very often get overlooked or forgotten about.
  • Remind them that they are due to renew. With these current events people may be finding it hard to remember to renew their membership. Hell, I find it hard to remember what day it is.
  • Ask why they aren't renewing. There may be an issue going on within the Chapter that is keeping them away. Bring up that your leadership has changed, if it did, and bring up new ideas that you are bringing to the Chapter.
  • Get the word out.
  • We haven't been able to go out, so we need to reach people some other way. Only thing we have going for us is social media. Figure out a way to endorse and promote.
  • Word of mouth is a good thing. Find people to spread it to.
  • Remember what we stand for.
  • When we are at our weakest, that is when our enemies will strike. If our numbers don't rise lawmakers could very easily violate our rights and we won't be able to fight back.
  • We must stay strong.
  • Don't wait. We need help now.

Keep yourselves advised on where your Chapter is. Maybe it’ll motivate some growth, maybe it’ll spark some competition or maybe it will reinvigorate your energy for ABATE of PA and for what we stand for.