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Between the Lines January 2019 issue

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Elections are over. Your Officers may have changed or you may have even become one. Congratulations. Now, what are you, or they, going to do with the new found job? As we always say, these are voluntary positions and we can’t “demand” that you give it any more than you are willing to give but, why wouldn’t you have the want to? You became an Officer for some reason and we hope it was because you had a vested interest on your Chapter’s success. Why not do the best job you can? Let’s try to make 2019 “The year of Doing your Job”.

First thing you should try is to get as much support and information from the officer you replaced. Use their years of experience to make your transition as seamless as possible. This is the best thing that can happen for the Chapter. If the outgoing officer has the Chapter’s best interest in mind, then they will help you in any way possible. Take advantage of that.  Nothing hurts more than having to start over with new forms and records or having to develop new practices.

Secondly, become familiar with the Corporate Operating Procedures, affectionately known as the “C.O.P.’s. These can be downloaded from the State web site under the section ‘Officers’ and the subsection ‘Officer Tools’. These spell out exactly what your job should be. They also layout every rule and regulation for the organization. Might not be a bad idea to at least glance at them so you can answer people’s questions when asked. You don’t need to know them, inside and out, but when asked you’ll have a better idea on where to lead people for the answer.

Next, go to and check out your positions tools. There are many valuable assets here. Everything from premade forms to leadership manuals that you can use to make you seem more prepared and organized while doing the best job you can. The position you accepted is not a new position, there’s just someone new doing it so why not take advantage of tools that have been established. There should be no need to reinvent the wheel.

Another great resource to use are your State and District Officers. They’ve probably been around the organization for a while and probably know some of the best practices for doing the job. Lean on them. Ask for their guidance. They are here to help in any way they can.

Check out the video, on YouTube, titled “ABATE of PA Being a Successful Chapter”. There are a lot of very helpful tips and tactics that should make your tenure a success.

Once again, congratulations on your new position. Stay excited for our purpose and goals.  Thanks for your interest in A.B.A.T.E. of PA. Peace and Ride Safe.

Currently, the Top (5) Chapters;
Mason Dixon (514)
Erie (277)
Highlanders (249)
Patriot Riders (201)


Membership Drive 2018 “The Results Show”

We didn’t quite make it to 6000 but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. State Membership total is (5768) which is up by (+125) since the beginning of the drive. Everyone should be proud of what we were able to accomplish and hopefully we can learn some things from it. Maybe it even brought back some of your excitement for becoming a Member in the first place.

May not seem like it was an overwhelming success but, in the grand scheme of things, we increased by 2.17% and that’s just in six months. From January 2018 to now the total is up by (+306). NOT TOO SHABBY!

The take-away from this is try to remember what you did, as a Chapter, to get the new members you did get and utilize those practices as often as possible. Think about what special techniques you used to retain members and keep it up. Get excited about what you’ve accomplished and try to pass that excitement onto others. Share your success stories with every Chapter in your District.

This was just the start of the great things we can accomplish and the numbers we can reach.

Thank you for taking part in it and talk to you at the L&L.