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Between the Lines May 2019 issue

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Tis the Season

Rights Rally is June 3. Don’t forget the reason we are here and the reason we stay so successful. Come out and be a part of the most important event we have. Also, the most fun event we have, HAZEN! For the past couple years, we have been hosting a Membership Officer ‘Meet & Greet’ on Saturday morning, at the pavilion. Kind of a refresher and Q&A since it has been six months since the L&L. If you can get up at 9:00 AM, come on down and bring your questions and ideas. Hope to see you then. Now, on with the article.

So, finally, the riding season is here for most of you. Time to dust it off, get the chrome polished, put some new fuel in it, and get in the wind. You think we’re talking about the bikes. We are talking about your dedication to the organization. Some of us never put it in the garage and ride it all year long but it is common, for most, to take that much-needed break when the weather gets bad.

So, why dust it off? Well because stuff accumulates, over time, and some of it just needs to go. This is typical when we let things just sit. We are not out as much as we are over the warmer months and maybe we have accumulated a little unnecessary “dust”. We do not have as many functions, fund-raisers or charity events and maybe we don’t get together as much as we usually do. Sure, we still go to meetings but maybe we are not in the mood to put up with anyone’s drama. That “dust” needs to be gone. Keep your reason for being a member free of that excess crap.

How about getting it polished? Now is the time you are going to be running with and meeting new motorcycle enthusiasts who may not be ABATE members. Don’t you want to shine and look good for the sake of the organization? Get that 0000 steel wool out and refresh yourself on what our mission statement is. Be proud to tell people about what your Chapter does and how much you do for your community. Make sure that sunshine bounces back in people’s faces when you are talking about your particular Membership experiences. Brush up on the meanings of our core values. Be knowledgeable about our past accomplishments and what our upcoming goals are that we need their help to get passed.

Put some new fuel in. All of our dedication can, and will, slack off at some time. It’s time to give it some gas. Sure, a nice leisurely Sunday ride is special but holy hell, when you decide it’s time to “light the candles” it feels awesome especially when you are with Brothers and Sisters you trust. Your dedication for this organization should be the same. When you get just one new member to join, just because of what you said to them or because you showed excitement for your Chapter, you will have a want and a need to keep the throttle pegged. Cannot do it without fuel. If you feel something missing in your engine or you might not be getting as much mileage as you used to, what do you do? You find the issue and fix it. This is what we are asking you to do. This time of year is a god time to kick off a Chapter Membership Drive also. You are going to see many new, or familiar, faces so why not spread the word and get them to your meeting. Top off the tank.

Now it’s time to get in the wind. Knees in the breeze. Therapy. Some of you have had PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) for way too long. Again, not talking about the bike. Your dedication may have been just sitting there. What fun is that? Yeh, just being a member of this great organization feels incredible but wouldn’t it feel so much better if you were doing something with it? When you wake up in the morning, you look outside, see the sunshine and the birds chirping, and you make the call to say “I’m riding today”. Isn’t that one of the best feelings? Relate that to your position in this organization. Get out there and Ride! Show every person you pass on the road, and give the peace sign to, that you ARE A PROUD Member of ABATE of PA and you will stand for and make our mission a success.

Everyone, have a great riding season and try to get our numbers back where they belong. Remember, we are the best when it comes to our legislative accomplishments. Be proud. Peace and Ride Safe.