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Between the Lines November 2020 issue

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“Rough Road Ahead”

We had a small rebound, this month. It was still a step in the right direction. We will come out of this slump stronger and more determined than we have been. We have to. Our opponents lay in wait and can smell weakness. By ‘weakness’, we don’t mean “resolve”, we mean falling numbers and diminishing funds. They are waiting until we can’t fight back and they will strike with relentless legislation that we might not see coming. We have to rebuild and return to the strength we have become accustomed to. We have to get our membership numbers thriving again. This is the single most important, sustaining funding we have going.

Hopefully, you all have heard of the Statewide Membership Drive we are hosting. In case you haven’t, this is a drive that requires YOU, the Members, to make sure it is fruitful. Without your support and enthusiasm, the drive will fail. The intent is to boost membership enrollment and, potentially, member involvement within their Chapter. The Plan is to keep the cost of Single membership dues, for new and renewing members, at $30 which includes a $5 disbursement to the signing Chapter. The facts are a revenue stream at $25/member is substantially more helpful than $0 to the organization. A revenue stream of $5/member is substantially more helpful than $0 to the Chapter. Active members, with good conscience, will want to recruit more when it directly supports their own Chapter. This applies to ‘Single’ membership dues only, paid for at the Chapter Meeting. If you have any other questions, ask your Chapter Membership Officer or drop me a line.

Other things going on are pretty exciting too. After some collaboration and brainstorming, it was discovered that we qualify for assistance from Microsoft for Non-profits. This means we have access to the most current Microsoft applications that will get us up to date and allow us to upgrade some of our antiquated systems. This is going to put us on an even keel regarding communications with Members, Officers and the prospective Member. It is going to allow one platform for Officers to gather unified resources. Membership Officers will find the wealth of information more accessible with the hopes of building a stronger Chapter. Now, we will just need to do the work.

By request at the last Grand Board meeting, we have created a new application (the Yellow Card). The new card gives more space to hand write member information. Hopefully this will eliminate data entry mistakes due to poor penmanship. These will be rolled out in the near future. We have also created some more useful tools for your Membership Officers. These include fill able PDF forms to send in for their monthly report, an upgraded .XLS form to replace the last upgrade and a monthly email that gives Chapter, District and State status’ generated at the beginning of each month. We do all of this in the hopes of keeping every Chapter up to date and in tune with the 21st century.

Even though we know there is a Rough Road Ahead, we all know how to ride it. Your Board members are working overtime to figure out where those hazards are. We can advise on them but only you can negotiate and ride through them. Doesn’t matter if there are pot-holes or grooved pavement, we can control the outcome which is hopefully a safe one and one that we learn from. Stay excited for our purpose and goals.  Thanks for your interest in A.B.A.T.E. of PA.

Peace and Ride Safe.


Numbers Are In…

UP!!! FINALLY, UP!!! That is where the numbers are since the October edition of Between the Lines. This relates to the numbers from Statewide Membership totals for the beginning of October. As you might be able to tell, as an organization, we depend on numbers and the support from those numbers. We all need to figure out what creates the upswings and what triggers the downswings. So, here’s the rundown.

October total, at the time this report was generated, is (5299). From Sep. to Oct. our numbers are UP by (+6)!!