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Between the Lines July 2019 issue

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Different Area, Same Road…

So I’ve been travelling, for work, a lot recently and there is one thing that I’ve realized. When I come home on the weekends and travel from the airport to home, I am driving on almost the exact same roads as when I am out west or down south or even northeast. I approach a turn, to head toward the house, and have a flashback to a similar road or turn somewhere else. I have to signal just like anywhere. Most of the time the camber of the road is just the same in Houston, Texas as it is in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Sure there might be more hills or different conditions but it is still the same road.

We experience this with the different demographic within our organization. We have Chapters in very heavily populated areas and many in sparsely populated areas but most of our Chapters have a concise area and a specific population to draw our membership base from. So what makes us so different from each other? Why are we on different roads? I am constantly reminded, by members from across the commonwealth, that what works for one Chapter doesn’t work for another. Why not? Even though it’s a different demographic it is the same mission, the same road.

Now let’s ask, “Why are the roads the same?” Engineers, a long time ago, figured out the right way to make our travels go smoothly and came up with, pretty much, a universally accepted method of creating roads. Some methods need tweaked and modernized, as times change, but the concept is still the same. How do we effectively get people from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’? Our organization has come up with methods as well. Many Chapters have come up with great ways to “pave the side roads” yet the base is still the same. As long as the base is the same, the “paving” practices can be used, universally. You may ask why I am talking about ‘roads’ when PA has some of the crappiest in the Nation. Yeh, this might not be the best State to use this analogy in BUT this is the best organization, in the Nation, and the concept still applies.

Have you ever been on the back-streets in some of the most populated areas? They are pretty beat up aren’t they? You want to know why? Neglect. According to most City Councils they just don’t seem to be as important to the infrastructure of the city so why waste the resources to take care of them. Has your Chapter adopted this same attitude?

How about the suburbs? Streets are in a little nicer condition but where do they lead? They lead to an abundance of different things to do, a ton of stores to choose from, multiple restaurants for any possible taste you may have at the moment. This makes it very hard for Chapters to stand out and attract members and it makes it even harder to keep those members. You and your Chapter need to think of how to apply the paving processes, from others, to entice people to turn down your street, stop by and just hang-out for a while.

Rural areas are where most of the best riding roads are. They are probably the best maintained because the municipalities, where these roads are, actually have the want to keep them maintained and the purpose of assuring people are on a safe and smooth path. These roads will take you wherever your heart’s content. Pull up to an intersection and decide right or left and the road will take you on a nice ride. Seems like most Chapters, in these areas, have learned how to pave or have learned how to adopt these practices to their neck of the woods.

The outlying areas are kind of desolate but still have great travel ways. There aren’t as many of them, but you still get to your destination. There’s not as many vehicles on the road but the ones you do pass will always give you a wave. Some of these roads are pretty beaten as well. There might be potholes but everyone, in the area, knows where that pothole is and either avoids it or just lives with it. I’ve noticed that this may be the attitude with some of these Chapters. Some Chapters are beginning the repaving process and are making their ride a lot more fun.

membership.abatepa@gmail.comSo, where am I leading with this? Whether we are in a city and it takes 25 minutes to go 6 miles or we are out on the two-lanes and have the best ride, we are on the same road. Our destinations are clear. There are different conditions that we need to address and there are tools out there to help you address them. Listen to the older engineers who have built these roads but offer some new ‘paving’ techniques, if you have them. You travel your same roads every day. You know where the bumps are. You know what it takes to fix them so why not fix them? Come up with a plan, think it through, cover all of the details, and present that plan. Remember, we all travel the same road.

Numbers Are In…

UP… That’s where the numbers are since the June edition of Between the Lines. This relates to the numbers from Statewide Membership totals for the beginning of June. As you might be able to tell, as an organization, we depend on numbers and the support from those numbers. We all need to figure out what creates the upswings and what triggers the downswings. So, here’s the rundown.

June total, at the time this report was generated, is (5876). From May to June our numbers are UP by (43)!!

For those of you who are paying attention, LOOK at some of the big movers since last year and ask them how they do it. D1- Crawford (+42), D2- Butler (+28), D3- Mon Valley (+50), D4- Kinzua (+54). D5- Jefferson (+43), D6- Patriot Riders (+24), D8- Tri County (+60), & D9- Chester.

Only (124) from (6000)!!!  Keep yourselves advised on where your Chapter is. Maybe it’ll motivate some growth, maybe it’ll spark some competition or maybe it will reinvigorate your energy for ABATE of PA and for what we stand for.

Peace, Ride Safeand Keep up the Great Work!