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Between the Lines March 2019 issue

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Be Sure the Icemaker Works

Looking back on a couple parties that were attended on New Year’s Eve, something came to mind. All parties were BYOB and my personal “B” requires cubes of frozen water. An awesome time was mhad at all of them but the one that kept me the longest was the one where the icemaker worked. The party where the icemaker didn’t work had trays that were filled but once they were gone it took hours to get more. Another party supplemented by having bags of ice available which wasn’t so bad but when the coolers are downstairs and you are with the group upstairs there was a bit more effort involved. Isn’t it a great thing when you simply walk up, put your cup in the door and receive your ice? If those cubes are not available then alternative means to acquire them is needed. OK, this is an anecdote on the needs of Chapter Members.

We are all Members, of this great organization, because we want something from it. We want our voices heard in Harrisburg. We want to be a part of protecting our motorcyclist rights. We want to contribute as much as we can to our communities. We want to have a place to go to hang out with our Brother and Sisters. We want to ride with people that we trust to have our backs. We want to look ourselves in the mirror, after every charity event, after every political event, after every education event, and say to ourselves; “WOW, I was just a part of that!” A.B.A.T.E. of PA’s icemaker works just fine and allows us to walk up to the door and receive that ice every time.

How about your Chapter, your District or even your own commitment? Does your icemaker work? Think about your needs, do you get what you want from those three? Keep in mind that what I’m about to say is metaphorical. The article is not long enough to spell it all out, sorry.

You walk up to the door, put your cup in, you hear the screw turning but nothing comes out. Now you have to investigate why. Not too many of us will just walk away. It could be something simple like the bar was up. OK, put it down and move on. Maybe the water supply is clogged, frozen or maybe even busted. That takes a little more to fix but it is fixable. Either way, your needs are not being met but you do have the power to fix it. If you just walk away then maybe you don’t have any interest in fixing it. Just like the screw turning, your Chapter, District and yourself may be trying to fulfill your needs but there is something holding it back. Figure it out.

“Our fridge doesn’t have one of them icemakers. We been using trays for decades and they been workin’ just fine.” Are they really? Are they providing enough for all the people that need them? There may be some really enthusiastic people in your Chapter that go through a lot of ice. Can they be satisfied with the yield of those few trays and know that this is all they get. There is no more and no chance for improvement. The least you can do is buy a couple bags and let people have the satisfaction of filling their cup once in a while.

Maybe the icemaker stopped working a long time ago and nobody has tried to repair it. Maybe you are content with that. You know it used to work and it was great when it did but now you just don’t care one way or the other. That ‘B’ you drink doesn’t taste so bad without ice or maybe you find something else to drink. Say a new guy comes over and brings a fifth of your favorite and you have no ice to offer. Is that guy going to stick around or even try to bring that drink again? Probably not.

Find the icemaker inside yourself and see if you can make it give you what you want. Let the people who are in charge of your Chapter and District know that you are thirsty. There is something broken or worn out and you know how to fix it. It is far more rewarding, and enticing, to be a part of a party that has an endless supply of ice.

Peace and Ride Safe.