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Between the Lines February 2018 issue

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Look at the calendar already. The groundhog has said either six more weeks of winter or six weeks until spring. Doesn’t matter what the furry rodent says, we are all ready to start riding again.

If you didn’t make the L&L seminar, we are sorry that you missed it. We introduced some new and exciting tools for all of you to use in your presentations such as the PowerPoint presentation and the distribution of wrist bands for the students. We also discussed the possible use of Kahoots in our presentation and we introduced questions that can be given to students at the beginning of your class.  These questions the students can answer as the class proceeds. Both of these are great tools to give us immediate feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

My computer has been down since before Christmas and I didn’t have access to my files for the number of students that we presented to this semester. But it was announced at L&L we surpassed last years totals, not by leaps and bounds, but a few more than the previous year. We were over the 1700 mark and I am very proud of those of you who stepped up your game and reached out to new venues to present. Hopefully, if you attended the L&L, we motivated you or your chapter to start an OSAL program. I know we as an organization can do better in 2018.  Please keep me busy this year with reading your reports and those of the teachers. Only diligence and persistence will allow us to increase those numbers. My Brothers and Sisters we are talking about saving lives and making people aware of us on the road. Get involved in this program. Go to school board meetings and ask about the driver’s education program. Just recently in our area a school district said the may discontinue in class driver’s education. I requested and received an appointment with the superintendent and was assured that the program will most likely continue.

Now for some housekeeping items… Congratulations to Ron Rohrbaugh on receiving the Safety Award for 2017. My thanks to Adam Gill and Mike Bretzman for their hard work helping to put together the materials we used at the L&L. Without these two assistants I would have been lost.   Also to any others who pitched in and helped… my heartfelt thanks. I could not have done it without your help.

That’s about all for this month. Get out there and get your OSAL program up and running. There are aides on the state web site and Adam, Mike and I are available anytime for questions.

Remember “Look Twice, Save A Life”