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Between the Lines January 2020 issue

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Happy New Year to one and all. Certainly hope everyone had great holidays. Now with the new year upon us, let’s get things rolling in the new decade.

I will begin with a question. What does OSAL mean to you as a presenter, a chapter officer, or as a member? Does it mean I get to wear that bright yellow/green t-shirt or patch in classrooms? Does it mean you are hoping the program works and it saves a life? What are your thoughts on the OSAL program? What can I as a presenter, a chapter officer, a member do to make the program better? How can we as a chapter get started? How do we get into schools to present? The one answer to these and any other questions is this, get moving, bring it up at a chapter meeting, find people who are retired, work shift work, people who love talking to people.

Let me tell you what the OSAL program means to me and what it should mean to this entire organization. It should mean an opportunity to reach out to the community and do exactly what our mission statement says. To protect the individual rights of motorcyclists through political change, charitable works, and PUBLIC EDUCATION. The opportunity to reach out to the community and tell them about what we do, who we really are. Why we do the things on the highway and roadways that we do. Why we ride in one position or another. Why we use hand signals, why we are extra vigilant at intersections. Why we are so determined to end distracted driving. Why we ride in staggered formation. What it feels like to be in the wind, explain it’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle that we have grown to love and choose to keep on doing. It means sharing our on the road experiences, good and bad, why inattentive drivers upset us. Tell them our bikes are our pride and joy. Tell them about all our years of miles and things we’ve seen in our journeys. Bring out all the important parts of the PowerPoint, show them the bikes, explain what all the buttons, levers, pedals and gadgets are for. Will you make them more interested in riding? It doesn’t matter. You have touched a life and maybe, just maybe they will remember what you said or showed them. Or maybe they will share what you have given them. One thing for sure you have done your part to share our message about motorcycles on the highway.

Maybe you won’t ever hear a school administrator, teacher or other faculty member say thanks for what you do. Maybe you won’t have a parent, or anyone say thanks. But rest assured you can go home knowing that you did what you had to do to save a life. Or maybe you will have all of these happen to you and maybe you will have a student say thank you really opened my eyes.  And maybe you will be out riding one day and any one of the above-named people will say you guys know your stuff, you have taught to Look Twice. But one thing for sure, if you don’t take the opportunity to start or participate in an OSAL program, none of these things will happen to you. Those who have presented have had some or all these things happen. So, get up, get busy, get started either in your own chapter or a neighboring chapter where both chapters can work together and teach in schools and senior centers in the area. Join forces to get every area of the state educated on motorcycle awareness. Your beautiful patches are waiting to be placed on a shirt or vest. Wear them proudly.

I’m going to close for now. Hope to see many of you at L&L later this month. Bring you questions, bring your ideas and “Look Twice, Save A Life”.