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Between the Lines October 2018 issue

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Feel the crisp air, must be fall. Still lots of riding to do here in PA. With fall weather comes a different road hazard for us riders. Those leaves that are so beautiful on the trees can be dangerous and deadly to motorcyclists on our highways. Enjoy the ride, but dress for the slide.

By this time, most of us who present OSAL have more than a few classes under our belt. And in a few weeks things will slow down again for a bit.

We have been busy tweaking the PowerPoint new slides and moving some around. A new video provided by PennDOT has been added.  The video is labeled Smart Car and it has been placed right after the Second Chance slide in the program. We believe it is a very useful tool for you to use. The video is only about six minutes long and does a good job of helping drivers understand what we are doing on the highway.  By the time you read this, our new rainy day and passenger movement videos will have been shot and hopefully edited and added to the PowerPoint. These tools, as with everything we add to the program, are for your use. Please try them. Anything that you can get the students to interact with will help get our message across. You can download the new program from the Google home page, provided you have a Google account. If you are having trouble getting it, please feel free to contact myself or Adam Gill, we will help you get it.

Don’t forget that there are downloads available on the State web site for you to use. Things like teacher evaluation reports, presenter reports, both of which are required to be filled out and sent to me. These are extremely important for the program. Also, there are other forms like introduction letters you can send to schools, a colorful cover sheet to insert in packets of information. We have also been given another supply of wrist bands to hand out, and they are available at the state office or by contacting me. I have a limited supply of diamond shaped stickers to distribute as well as window clings. I also had a new batch of the colorful trifolds printed and they are also available at the state office or through me.

So, you see we are trying to make the OSAL program better. Please, each chapter should be trying to get this worthwhile presentation rolled out. If you are uncomfortable with the PowerPoint system, feel free to form what you are comfortable with. Just make sure it follows the curriculum we are using.

Time constraints and travel distances make it very hard for me to get to every chapter, but realize we are here to help in any way we can. Let’s try to make this the best year we ever had number wise. Because if we only save one life it is all worth it.

I have also been asked to sit on a committee locally to work with a group who is trying to have driver’s education put back into every school. Reach out to those schools, churches, civic groups and spread the word. “Look Twice, Save A Life.”