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Legislative Coordinators (LCs) are our key links to attaining political change and educating members on how to protect their individual rights!

Current Legislative Alerts
Official positions - ABATE of PA

How to Lobby

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PA Bills
US House Bills
US Senate Bills
How to read a bill
How a bill becomes law
Voter Registration

Being an Effective Legislative Coordinator
  • Understand the importance of your office.
    How you feel about it will come across to the members.
    You make it what you want and get out what you put in.
  • Be prepared.
    Become well informed.
    Never say, "Nothing has happened this month."
    Use chapter newsletter to reach those who don’t make the meetings.

    What to Cover
    Local legislation concerning bikers.
    Activities of the state legislative coordinator and lobbyist.
    Federal issues concerning bikers.

    Educate the members on what they need to do
    Register to vote.
    Learn who their legislators are and how to contact them.
    Letter writing.

    Communicate with the State Legislative Coordinator
    Use the monthly Legislative Report.
    Call or email before your meetings for current information.
    You're not on your own! The State LC is there to help.

    Communicate with your Legislators
    Be sure your local representatives know who you are.
    Make periodical visits to see them.
    Take chapter members with you to get them used to talking to legislators.