Order 10th Edition of Robert's Rules
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Reprinted from: ABATE of WV


Duties of the Chairman

  1. To acquire a working knowledge of parlimentary law and procedure and a thorough understanding of the constitution, by-laws, and standing rules of the organization.
  2. To preside and maintain order.
  3. To explain and decide all questions of order.
  4. To entertain only one main motion at a time and state all motions properly.
  5. To permit none to debate motions before they are stated and seconded; to encourage debate and assign the floor to those properly entitled to it. (No member may speak twice on the same questions if there are others who wish to claim the floor.)
  6. To stand while stating the question and taking the vote.
  7. To remain seated while discussion is taking place or reports are being given.
  8. To enforce the rules of decorum and discipline.
  9. To talk no more than necessary when presiding.
  10. To be absolutely fair and impartial.
  11. To extend every courtesy to the opponents of a motion even though the motion is one that the presiding officer favors.
  12. To perform such other duties as are prescribed in the by-laws.
  13. The Chairman should be careful to ABSTAIN from the appearance of partisanship, but he has the right to call another member to the chair while he addresses the assembly on a question.
  14. Don't allow members to deal in PERSONALITIES while debating.

Duties of the Members

  1. To obtain the floor before speaking.
  2. To stand when speaking and to identify yourself before speaking.
  3. To avoid speaking upon any matter until it is properly brought before the assembly by a motion.
  4. To stay on the question then pending.
  5. To yield the floor to calls for order (Points of Order).
  6. To abstain from all personalities in debate.
  7. To avoid disturbing, in any way, speakers of the assembly.