PA RiderCoach Info
The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (MSP) is always on the lookout for experienced riders who have an interest in helping others learn how to ride safely. Each spring, the MSP conducts training and refresher courses for RiderCoaches.

Individuals who would like to become Certified Professional RiderCoaches are urged to contact the Motorcycle Safety Program Office!

Prerequisites for a RiderCoach Candidate:You must be an experienced motorcyclist who currently rides and has a valid Class M license with 2 years riding experience. You will need good basic riding skills. A clean driving record. (No DUI's or suspensions within 2 years). Must successfully complete a 70 plus hours RiderCoach Preparation Course over 2-3 consecutive weekends. Pay a tuition fee of $100.00 prior to the start of the RiderCoach Preparation Course.

A.B.A.T.E. of PA Members who become Certified RiderCoaches
will have their $100 tuition fee refunded.

This is not a volunteer position. RiderCoaches are paid employees of the program!

If you like people and you love motorcycles, this is a great part-time position that offers you a lot of personal satisfaction and helps others stay safe on the road.