State Communications Director

Monthly Letter to the membership

Bah Humbug !

Ok, that was my idea of cheap sensationalism to get you to read my article!   I guess it worked.    As I have been sharing over the recent months, there are some changes coming on the website focusing on how members can join or renew.  This will be a one stop process, no more redirecting members back and forth between our website and PayPal.  My goal is to have this ready and to reveal it at the L&L.   Speaking of the L&L…… GO!  I will be presenting in three afternoon seminars on our Microsoft 365.  Seminar 1 will be an entry level session for officers who want an account, or those that have already requested one but not sure how to use it and do the basics.  We will cover how to request an account, logging in and managing your password, and doing basic things like email, creating reports, and minutes and agendas, and then how to share and work together.  Seminar 2 will be for those that have an account and have been using it as a tool in the officer role.  Topics will be a little more advanced and include working with files offline, how to organize and share files, working with Teams to communicate and collaborate, security and password management.  Session 3 will mostly be a guide to our website  I will walk thru all of the  features and show where to find tools for your office and other resources.  Session 3 will also have a Microsoft 365 Q&A.


Do you know what really is a humbug?  Over the last few years, Legs and I have gone to Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground in Milton PA.  In fact, we have seen many of you there on various weekends.  I was saddened to learn that the campground was sold and will no longer have a motorcyclist friendly format.  Camper Bob and Diane, thank you for your hospitality and friendship over the years.  We wish you nothing but the best on this new chapter in your lives.


And another Humbug…. The 2022 Rights Rally at the Capitol was a huge humbug.  It was the first that I attended, and I was looking forward to see the huge A.B.A.T.E. of PA turnout.  Man was I disappointed.  It wasn’t 200 or 300 hundred, it was 50 members attending.  Just think for a moment about what message we sent to the lawmakers in Harrisburg with such a low turnout.  So now I ask all of the membership, are we going to reaffirm that message with another low turn out in 2023?  Or will we send a message letting them know that A.B.A.T.E. of PA is still here, alive and well?  So, I am challenging every member to make plans to be at the 2023 rights Rally and then follow through with those plans.


Ride Free – Ride Safe,