State Assistant Coordinator


Scott Minich


Monthly Letter to the membership

In March I was happy to see the number of chapters that had submitted their events to BTL. I think it was the most I have seen in a long time. That is great! Keep up the good work and let’s fill the event page up! May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. Let’s do our part to make sure that the awareness is out there to ensure everyone’s safety. Hopefully, the yard signs and stickers that were
handed out at the Grand Board meeting is out and circulated throughout the state. With everyone’s events coming up I want to remind everyone that if an incident would occur that it is to be documented. On the website there are printable incident reports and witness statement forms. It would be a good idea for each chapter coordinator and sergeant of arms to have copies with them. These forms must be filled out and kept on file. Depending on the severity of the incident it can be kept at the chapter level or district level. If the incident is serious enough that the state needs to be involved, we have documentation of the incident and what happened. Even if a non-member is the cause or root of the issue,
it should be documented. In this day and age, you just don’t know.
Documenting incidents is as important as the meeting minutes and treasurer reports. With good documentation most things can be resolved without it becoming something bigger. Back in my paramedic days they taught us, if it wasn’t documented, it never
happened. If you find yourself sitting in a court room trying to recall an event that happened a few months ago it can prove difficult. We all hope that nothing happens, but in the event it does, please be sure to get these forms filled out to protect yourself and the organization.

Ride Safe and free. Scott.