Monthly Letter to the membership


Hello Brothers and Sisters! Well, the groundhog missed that prediction. We have had one of the mildest winters I can remember for a long time. And that means more riding time for all of us. But it also means more inattentiveness from cages.

The last two months have been very busy. The letter to 500 school districts has been sent out, the first week alone gave us about 10 new schools wanting the OSAL program done for them. This is a good problem to have and for the most part every chapter that I contacted replied with a strong yes. We definitely stuck our necks out on this effort. Here is where the statement comes in, never take no for an answer. We cannot fail in getting someone to go to these schools and give our presentation. So, when you as a OSAL presenter or chapter coordinator are told we have a school who wants it done, do what needs to be done to make it happen. We will help you anyway we can. Ask another chapter close to you if they have someone who can go with you. Because no is not an answer.

I now want to share the news with you that I have decided on who the new State OSAL Assistant Director will be. Leisa Schmitt from Monterey Pass has accepted and will be approved at the grand board meeting. Leisa brings great computer skills, background in teaching the OSAL program, a great personality and enthusiasm to help move the program forward. She will be building an excel spreadsheet to enhance the availability to preserve presenters reports and teachers reports digitally moving forward. I have two bins of hard copy reports and paraphernalia that is becoming cumbersome. The Microsoft 365 gives us almost unlimited storage for things like this. Leisa and I will be a team, we will share equal responsibility in the duties of this program. She will attend seminars, be available to answer your questions and keep the OSAL page on the website up-to-date. We are looking to add pictures and videos from all of you doing classes. She will have a Microsoft 365 email, and she will be attending board meetings and giving reports when I am not available. This will make a huge difference in what we can do to help you all get the OSAL program going in every chapter. So, when you see her, please welcome her.

That’s about it for this month. Ride Safe, Be Healthy and remember “Look Twice- Save a Life” Peace Bob



Where has the year gone? Seems like we just finished L&L 2022. Time has a way of getting away from us. The older we get, the faster it goes.

So, let’s look at the OSAL program for 2022. We had a well-attended L&L where each chapter was given the new OSAL/A.B.A.T.E. pamphlets, a supply of wristbands, and some stickers. The annual Safety Award was given to Tobey Wingard from Chinkcalamoose for his contribution to motorcycle safety and awareness. I was invited to and presented a district-wide seminar for District 3, which was well attended. Had meetings with PennDOT, attended seminars at the county Traffic and Safety Center, exchanged dialogue and emails with the Department of Education about possible certification of the curriculum we use. Supplied a list of driver's education teachers throughout PA. Posted in newsletters the different ways to reach out to venues to present the program. Reached out to school contacts about their comments on the evaluation reports they sent back to me about the presentations being done throughout the state. Appealed to the Grand Board for funding to have another 20,000 pamphlets printed for distribution. I have likely overlooked some items I tried to give all the chapters to attempt to get the OSAL program up and running. These things are by no means an effort to get kudos for a job well done because we still only have less than 6 chapters presenting throughout the state. There is no doubt we can do better, but it takes someone who wants to make a difference in the chapter. It should be every chapter's goal to come to the 2023 L&L Seminar or send a member to it with one objective, which is getting the program started. I have not tallied all the numbers from the evaluation and presenter's reports yet, but I feel certain we did not reach more than 1,200 students during the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year. To say I am disappointed is a huge understatement. I know and believe what this program means to A.B.A.T.E. and the future of our awareness program, but if there are not more people willing to at least try doing this, the future looks bleak.

Now let’s peek into 2023. First, we will have mostly new line officers in the organization. The L&L Seminar this year will focus on the actual presentation, not sure of the logistics of how this will be accomplished, as I am not sure who will be in attendance. One thing that I am almost certain of is that there will only be one format used to present the program, and that format will be the new post covid video that was built by Adam Gill, myself, and Dick Freeburn, no other PowerPoint or slide programs will be allowed. At the November board meeting, I will be asking the board to approve this move. The main reason I am requesting this is that after talking with teachers, administrators, and suggestions from others, the consensus is that it should be a uniform curriculum. I wanted to do this a couple of years ago, but covid got in the way.

Well, there you have a recap of 2022, and a peek in 2023. I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’m about tired out, recovering from surgery, and trying to type with one hand is exhausting. Until next month, remember, “Look Twice, Save A Life”

Be happy, stay healthy, ride safe.