Monthly Letter to the membership


Hello one and all. The calendar says April and let’s hope the weather says the same. It is time to ride.

Since the L&L, and the last newsletter, I have been very busy. I have been networking with contacts to move the program forward. Reaching out to local chapters to help them get their program running. Attending our local four county Drivers Education Seminar in York. This was attended by representatives of the Department of Education, PennDOT, PMTA (Trucking Industry), State Farm Insurance, and Indiana University of Pa. Ken Edwards joined me to this learning experience. It is held every year in February. This is a tool that I spoke about at L&L. I highly recommend you try to get connected with your county government to see if they participate in one of these. One entity we spent time with was the Department of Education, they are now in possession of the new video and will be analyzing it and hopefully will approve it as an approved curriculum for schools. I may have an update at the March Grand Board Meeting. Also, on April 2nd I will be attending a meeting arranged by Zeke Barr and District 3 chapters so I can demonstrate how to present our program. This is an opportunity that each chapter is challenged to try to arrange as well, it will cut down on my travel time. As always please Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and most important “Look Twice, Save A Life”