State Coordinator

Eric Mershimer COORDINATOR

Eric "Mersh" Mershimer


Monthly Letter to the membership

Who runs A.B.A.T.E? Is it the state coordinator? Nope he is told what to do by the board. So, is it the executive board?
Nope that's just coordinator, vice, secretary, treasure and legislative coordinator and they all just do what the board tells them to. So, the board must be in charge. Nope the board is made up of district reps and the chapter coordinators tell them what to do. So, that means the chapter coordinators must be in charge. No again. It is the membership that hold no office at all that run A.B.A.T.E of PA. Don't let anyone tell you different. Being the leaders of an organization does come with its fair share of responsibilities.
Leaders must be vigilant on watching everything that goes on. Leaders bring ideas to the table, both new and old. The state relies on the ideas of its members in order to function day to day. Financially, the state runs on state party and state raffle money. Membership dues fund our monthly newsletter. The state takes no money from the chapters. We maintain our nonprofit status without taking funds from individual chapters and maintain accurate records to reflect this. All monies at the chapter level must be accounted for including: checks, savings accounts, CDs and any other funds that keep our non-profit legit. No cash should be kept by anyone for any reason. Cash on hand leads to mistrust, inaccuracies in accounting, and an open door to theft and accusations. Remember, any member can make a motion to participate in or question anything. Every officer is to be held responsible for their job and duties, they are spelled out in the state COPs. If you don't have a copy, simply ask for one or you can find them on the state website.
Just a little info for all to ponder.
Thanks, Mersh.