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Monthly Letter to the membership


By Sonja Mauk, Public Relations Officer

The Leadership and Legislative (L&L) Seminar has been going on since 1986. The list includes the awards given only as far back as 1988. If anyone sees any discrepancies, or has the info. on the 1986 and 1987, awards that were presented, please feel free to email me at:


1988-Presented at 1989 L&L

Freedom Choice

Rep. Michael Veon


1989-Presented at 1990 L&L

Freedom Choice

Senator Clarence Bell


1990-Presented at 1991 L&L

Fred Curren

Cathy Schuler

Dan Faingnaert

Marilyn Shields

Mike Zuber

Ellen Bruzgulis

Bill Nash

Dave Duncan

Bob Adams

Joe Shannon

Bob Kotarsky

Sherrie Gilkey

Charles Umbenhauer

Carol Umbenhauer


1991-Presented at 1992 L&L

Pappy Haag

John Zernecki

Bruce Johnson

Bobbie Carlson

John Andrews

Werner Fornos

Joan Maljavec


1992-Presented at 1993 L&L

Slider Gilmore (National Safety)

Dr. Robinson (State Safety)

Cindy Sutton (Leadership)

Tim Stewart

Stan Hugney

Judy Ainsley

Sherrie Gilkey

Cheryl Little (Charity)

Joe Smith (Legislative)

Steve Cohen (Legislative)


1993-Presented at 1994 L&L

Rick Gray

Henry Cifuni

Boyd Spencer

Bob & Penny Richards

Bill McElyea

TK Kelly

Lee Tremel

Rebecca Thompson


1994-Presented at 1995 L&L

Bill Laber

Andy Banas

Ray Brown

Jim Fulton

Fred Curren


1995-Presented at 1996 L&L

Gail Gray

Carmen Encisco

Alan Keith

Jim Quinn

Chuck Minerd

Bob O’Hare

Bob Rudy

Top BikePAC     Bill & Linda McElyea

2nd         Ward Bell


1996-Presented at 1997 L&L

Shelley Derendinger

Steve Weston

Larry Cadorrett

Tom Englerth

Cheryl Maier

Dorothy Sisler

Top BikePAC     District 2

2nd         District 9

Bill McElyea


1997-Presented at 1998 L&L

Presidents          Ann Young

Freedom            Art Tizer

Helen Antonio

Leadership         Bob Derendinger

Golden Quill       Dan Faingnaert

Distinguished     Ricky Harper

Ed Fruecht, Jr.

Humanitarian      Delaware Valley

Jefferson County

Safety                 Henry Cifuni

Top BikePAC     District 2

2nd         District 9

Kevin and Peggy Snyder

Domenic Sciole

Teresa Brown


1998-Presented at 1999 L&L

Presidents          Teresa Forcier

Leadership         Nancy DeWeese

Freedom            Deb Dailey

Safety                 Keystone Chapter

Distinguished     Lynn Wesley

Golden Quill       Mike Zuber

Humanitarian      Tony Graessle

LIFETIME           Harper Shoap III

Top BikePAC     District 2

2nd         District 9

1999-Presented at 2000 L&L

Presidents          Carol Deyell

Freedom             Tom Englerth

Safety                 Dan Wilbur

Humanitarian      Dominick Sciole

LIFETIME           Mike Zuber

Top BikePAC     District 4

2nd         District 9


2000-Presented at 2001 L&L

Presidents          Ed Watkins

Leadership         Dan Wilbur

Freedom             Senator Vince Fumo

Distinguished     Domenick Sciole

Humanitarian      August Berry

LIFETIME           Rick Gray

Top BikePAC     District 9

2nd         District 4


2001-Presented at 2002 L&L

Presidents          Sue Fawcett

Leadership         Mark Haller

Freedom             Ron Dasher

Bob Sassaman

Safety                 Giardina

Distinguished     Eugene Rimer

Golden Quill       Charles & Chris McGee

Dealer’s Award  Blocker’s HD

Lifetime              Kevin Snyder

Top BikePAC     District 9

2nd      District 6


2002-Presented at 2003 L&L

Presidents          Charles Flack

Leadership         Joe Dickey

Freedom             Bald Eagle Mt. Chapter

Safety                 Tom Englerth

Harper Shoap

Distinguished     Shelley Derendinger

Boyd Spencer

Anthony Gennarelli

Golden Quill       Sharon Joyce

Dealer Award     Susquehanna Valley HD

LIFETIME           Shelley Derendinger

Top BikePAC     District 9

2nd      District 6

2003-Presented at 2004 L&L

Presidents          Trapper Browne

Leadership         Mike Rizzo

John Steiner

Freedom            Senator Wozniak

Rep. Teresa Forcier

Safety                 Hal Hallock

Distinguished     Debbie Inghram

Phil Sciarra

Milt and Nancy Hunt

Golden Quill       Jayne Challinor

Dealer Award     Battlefield Harley Davidson

LIFETIME           Dan Faingnaert

Top BikePAC     District 9

2nd      District 6


2004-Presented at 2005 L&L

Presidents          Tammy Frey

Leadership         Mike Reeser

Freedom             Reb Williams

Safety                 Rick Boyd

Dallas Hartman

Golden Quill       Jeff Harris

Distinguished     Jim Allenbaugh

Humanitarian      Mason Dixon Chapter

LIFETIME           Steve Zurl



Presidents          Bill McElyea

Leadership         Allegheny Chapter

Alice Stringer

Freedom            Mark Mitchell

Safety                 Mark Schultz

Distinguished     Donna Dutchco

Humanitarian      Erie County Chapter

LIFETIME           Bill Foley


2006-Presented at 2007 L&L

Presidents          Carl Jones

Leadership         Rich Beth

Freedom             Ron Dasher

Safety                 Teresa Miller

Distinguished     Paula Berrier

Denise Yohn

Humanitarian      Mason Dixon Chapter

Golden Quill       Joe Heh

Dealer Award     Smaltz HD

LIFETIME           Bob Sassaman


Retention          1st Place—Endless Mts.

2nd Place—Montgomery

New Members  1st Place—Luzerne Chapter

2nd Place—Crawford


2007-Presented at 2008 L&L

Presidents          Jay ‘Red Man’ Little

Leadership         Don Moser

Freedom             Rick Loomis

Safety                 Cinda Hartley

Distinguished     She Devil

Mason Dixon Color Guard

Humanitarian      Highlanders Chapter

LIFETIME           John Andrews


2008-Presented at 2009 L&L

Presidents          Rick Stephens

Leadership         Jerry Ford

Dave Evans

Freedom             Ed Keefer

Safety                 Hal Hallock

Distinguished     Ed Ennis

Donna Dutzer

Humanitarian      Chinkalacamoose Chapter

Golden Quill       David Tuschel

LIFETIME           Mark Schultz



Presidents          Delaware Valley Chapter

Leadership         Dave Lucchesi

Ed Wilson

JK Smith

Freedom             Imre Szauter

Safety                 Stanley Oakes

Golden Quill       Steve Zurl

Distinguished     Gerald Garbutt

Marcie Dailey

Humanitarian      Lehigh Valley

Keystone Chapters

Dealers Award   Brian’s HD

Barb’s HD

LIFETIME           Sharon Joyce

Appreciation Award

from BikePAC   Paul Hundertmark


2010-Presented at 2011 L&L

Presidents          Dave Evans

Leadership         Debbie Schaffer

Freedom             Tom Detrick

Safety                 Jim Foster

Golden Quill       Deny Walk

Distinguished     Butch Rivera

Beaver County Chapter

Humanitarian      Valerie Sankey-Flegal

LIFETIME           Jay ‘Red Man’ Little

Contributing Organization    PMSP

Lifetime Humanitarian          Del Val Chapter

Membership Contest           Tri County


2011-Presented at 2012 L&L

Presidents          Dana Coyle

Leadership         Tom Bogacki

Freedom             John Meredith

Safety                 Ruth Bretzman

Golden Quill       Kevin Snyder

Distinguished     Christine Rumbaugh

Micki Renaud

Humanitarian      Tobey Wingard

Walt Sipe

LIFETIME           Bob Yohn

Membership Contest  South Mt Chapter


2012-Presented at 2013 L&L

Presidents          Dana Coyle

Bob Watkins

Bill Foley

Bob Handwork

Freedom             Scott Christopher

Freedom             Lehigh Valley Chapter

Safety                 Mark Nale

Golden Quill       Beth Christopher

Distinguished     Milt Hunt

Humanitarian      Dale Doss

LIFETIME           Paula and Joe Smith

Contributing Organization    PAMSP

Membership Contest           Mason Dixon Chapter


2013-Presented at 2014 L&L

Presidents          Rose Allotta

Freedom             Deny Walk

Leadership         Jim Kukura

Ed Maloney

Safety                 Roy Sluk, Sr.

Distinguished     Carole Fenton

Terri Watkins

Humanitarian      Howard Engel

LIFETIME           Dave Surgenor

Administrative Excellence    PENNDoT


2014-Presented at 2015 L&L

Presidents          John Kruger

Freedom             Andy Kelly

Leadership         Jill Werner

Dave Astemborski

Safety                 Eric Mershimer

Distinguished     Joe & Donna White

Jesse Reed

Humanitarian      Chester County Chapter

Golden Quill       Pat Bywater

Jim Barger

LIFETIME           Lenny Young


2015-Presented at 2016 L&L

Presidents          Bob Pisaneschi

Freedom             Mary Dixon

Leadership         Robert McCully

Tony DiMartino

Safety                 Mason Dixon Chapter

Distinguished     Tony Bonacci

Tom Urbain

Humanitarian      Crawford County Chapter

Dave and Diane Kuhns

Golden Quill       Stan Oakes

LIFETIME          Tom Bogacki, Jr.


2016-Presented at 2017 L&L

Presidents          Robert McCully

Leadership         Adam Gill

Eric Mershimer

Freedom             Michelle Gallatin Baughman

Jamie Baughman

Mary Lou Gallatin

Jim Connor

Safety                 Mary Bruno

Distinguished     Blaine Glatfelter & NPC

Humanitarian      Jefferson County Chapter

Golden Quill       Sonja Mauk

LIFETIME           Milt and Nancy Hunt


2017-Presented at 2018 L&L

Presidents          Rep. Mark Keller

Leadership         Gary Bracken

Freedom             Rep. Pam Snyder

Linda Smegal

Safety                 Ron Rohrbaugh

Distinguished     Ed Keefer

Rosey Parsons

Diane Evans

Humanitarian      Indiana County Chapter

Shera Frobe

Golden Quill       Bob Russell

Brian Magness

LIFETIME           “Radar” Mitchell


2018-Presented at 2019 L&L

Presidents          Jesse Reed

Leadership         Zachary Ball

Bob Handwork

Freedom             Rep. Dawn Keefer

Safety                 Mike Bretzman

Distinguished     Scott Christopher

Humanitarian      Deana Rager

Golden Quill       Matt Burton

LIFETIME           Eric Mershimer


2019-Presented at 2020 L&L

Presidents          Scott Minich

Leadership         Dave Brewster

Tom Detrick

Freedom             Rep. Dawn Keefer

Safety                 Adam Gill

Distinguished     Phil Sciarra

Bob Watkins

Dave and Paula Berrier

Humanitarian      Drew Harmon

Golden Quill       Sonja Mauk

LIFETIME           Charlie and Barb Smith





2021-Presented at 2022 L&L

Presidents          Bart Simpson

Leadership         Brett Sorg

Freedom             Rep. Josh Kail

Richard Freeburn

Safety                 Tobey Wingard

Distinguished     Tom Detrict

Mike Haberberger

Humanitarian      Donald Hammer

Golden Quill       Charles Umbenhauer

Rita Crawford

LIFETIME           Tony Bonacci

Steen Peterson