State Secretary


Helen Cohenour


Happy October A.B.A.T.E. members! I hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying all the riding you can get in before we freeze our pumpkins off while out on two.

It will soon be time for your chapter and district elections. There are no state elections this year as the current State officers is still in their first year. Information is available on under officers and resources to help prepare.

Chapter and district secretaries, it is your responsibility to prepare the election materials for the election. If you attended the L&L in January, you already have election material examples for use. I also have forms available on the website for you to use. They are the verification form, ballot, and sign in sheet. Many chapters use the membership roster provided by your membership officer for meeting sign in. That is FANTASTIC! Thank you for using that tool! If you are using that for your election sign in sheet for members receiving a ballot, please make sure to have a copy with your ballots.

In the past, the secretary collected new officer information to be forwarded to the State Office. This is no longer the secretary’s responsibility. The membership officer will be completing a form for submission of your leadership’s information. The minutes you provide to the State Secretary with your chapter’s election results is NOT how that information will be updated.

Please work with your membership officer to receive a copy of the Officer Information .pdf they are completing to send to as you will need that information for when you forward your monthly meeting minutes to your chapter/district officers.

If you have any questions or need help preparing election materials, please email or call/text me at 814-251-3816. I’m always here to help