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Monthly Letter to the membership

Hello All!!!! Another month in the books, hopefully the warmer weather is just around the corner. I’ve learned many new things over this last month, and am confident that I have much more to go. Thank you to everyone who has sent their reports to me. There was a ton of confusion back in November with the mail and we are
still receiving things so for the time being, I will not say there are reports missing, because I may actually get them before you are reading this. I have to wonder how many chapters do a monthly Treasurers Report that you hand out at your meetings? I know from my experience in my Chapter as Treasurer many members like to
have that piece of paper in front of them to follow as you read. Have you thought about this, is there a way to start it? Not only does it make it easier for you to fill in your State reports, but it
also keeps anyone from questioning things month to month, and at times helps to catch a mistake here and there. This is something I would also love to have sent with your reports, as it will make following everything much easier. If you would like to see an example, please email me. Just another quick reminder if you are mailing just reports those can come to my home address at PO Box 3 Herman, PA 16039, if you are mailing checks that need to be deposited, those need to go to Stacey at the main office address PO Box 619 Shippensburg, PA 17257.
If you are emailing your reports please send them to, with your CHAPTER NAME OR DISTRICT NUMBER in the subject line as I am still learning everyone’s name and where you belong. Peggy and I are still having trouble with our emails merging so using mine is much better than the state treasurer email at this point, I will be sure to let you know when that changes. That’s about it for now, I wish each and everyone
of you a very Happy Easter and look forward to some great rides this season.
March 2023
“Shining from the Chrome”
Blackburn Center | Breanna Project | Roads to Recovery | E.B.B.A.
Stay Safe,
Amy T.